Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello everyone! Welcome back to school! It has been a very interesting holiday, with many things happening while we were all out.

One of the things, is that we will be taking part in a very important satellite event that will be held in the month of October, that will obviously include you, 6th year students! It´s a Science and Engineering Festival...

Have a look at the logo and see if you recognise any of the pictures, and write back to me telling me what they are... You may win points for your house if you do so!

I´ll be looking forward to reading your answer!

Let´s have a great year,

Miss Florence


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Bye! Florence Z.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence,

I saw a footstep, the sign of recicle, re-use and reduce, I also saw an insect and a planet.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea, I will maybe take part it sounds fun. I will see if I will probably praticipate. I will see you tomorow at Science 02/03/10. I will tell you at Science if I wan't to participate.

Bye! Lourdes Undem 6c

Anonymous said...

Hi miss florence, i am very interested on starting science. I think im going to enjoy alot the science festival. thank you.


Anonymous said...

As I gazed at the image I recognized various elements found in the logo. Such as: Atoms, DNA, a rain cloud with lightening, a telescope, a drop, the recycling sign, a microscope, a star, a rocket, a leaf, a satellite, the periodic symbol for silver, an insect, Einstein’s formula for energy that describes that if mass travels at the speed of light square it becomes energy, electrocardiogram, biohazard symbol, a four footed paw, Saturn, circuit chip board, solar system, a rocket, a head and brain, pi, a ray, the earth, an Erlenmeyer on a Bunsen burner, and a capsule. Finally all of these elements as a whole make up the map of the U.S.A.
Makena B.C. 6C

Alina said...

Hi Miss Florence,
It is true it had been intrestings holidays...
Another thing is that the objects in the logo look liked objects we are going to study about in the engineering festival and chemistry.
Looking foward in seeing more posts...

Anonymous said...

Miss Florence,
it is very interesting this festival about science and engineer. My father is engineer and he likes it a lot. Last year after the science fair when I got home I always thought about when I would be in year 6 to do my own protect. but the problem is that this year in the middle of the year Ill be going to live one year in U.S.A, Washington.
hope to see you in class next science.
Alejo .N

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Florence the science fair we are having is it in groups?? I think it is going to be a fantastic science fair it is going to be special.

bautista said...

Hi Miss Florence
I like the logo with all those things.
I am in July in USA.
I am going try to go and see the preparing.
Thank you
Bye Bye
Bauti VF

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, you too, welcome
Mati 6c

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