Friday, May 14, 2010


QUESTION: How many astronomers does it take to change a light bulb?

ANSWER 1: 10. One to change the bulb, and nine to argue how their own bulb gives better light!

ANSWER 2: None. Astronomers are not afraid of darkness!


Anonymous said...

Hello miss florence I think : one to change the bulb, the other to complain about the light pollution.
Happy weekend
Ana (6a)Olivos

Anonymous said...

Hello miss florence I have two more answers:
1. 1 observational astronomer to measure luminosity and redshift of bulb
1 theoretical astronomer to calculate spherical coordinates of bulb
1 departmental head to write to SERCPPARC, for project funds
1 astronomical engineer to design and build the bulb replacing satellite
1 starling SIG programmer to write satellite control and data reduction software
1 NASA mission control expert to arrange satellite launch and say "t-2 go for main engine start........" etc
1 remote observer to manipulate the satellites arm once in elliptical orbit around light bulb
1 Grad student to act as scapegoat in event of mission failure

2. Only one, but you have to go to Hawaii to get the really good bulbs.
Ana (olivos)(6a)

Axel said...

Hi miss Florence,
It was great because they go to the galaxy, which is dark, so they can't be afraid!
See you,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Florence,
I knew that joke because in a program they asked that question.
The answer is one(to make light bulb.)
Andres J.

Anonymous said...

Hello miss florence,
Great jokes, I loved the one of answer number 1.
keep on posting.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs Florence!!!
I loved the joke it was very funny keep on putting jokes.

Carolina said...

Hello Miss Florence!!!
I love the jokes that you psot on the blog. They are really funny.
I think that the better answer is the one that says the following:
Ten, one to change the bulb, and nine to argue how their own bulb gives better light!
Some others would be...
1. One, because he can do it by his one.
(That would be the more realistic. Jaja)

2. 12.
One for the stair that are needed to reach the light.
One to hold the new light bulb.
One to hold the old light bulb.
One to put the light on and off when they want to try if it works.
One that gives orders.
One that puts the bulbs into the trash can.
One that has new bulbs just in case that one breakes.
One that is in the moon.
One that is in Jupiter.
One that is in Saturn.
One that is in Mars.
One that is in Venus.
It was a really good post.
Keep on blogging
Caro B

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Florence,
I have another answer,
ANSWER3: 11.
1 to change the light bulb, 5 to study five planets, and five to argue about the 5 planets.

Anonymous said...

jaja, what a good joke... veryy good
mechii g

Anonymous said...

hi miss florence

jaja good joke...
lots of love...

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence!
It is a funny joke because answer 2was funny but at the same time it is real in some way.
Franca G.


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