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Hello Everyone, and back to blogging!
Some amazing things have been happening around the world... One of them is portrayed in the pictures here,
Which city do the pictures show?
What is happening there?
Why is it happening?
What consequences can this have to the people who live or are visiting the city?


Anonymous said...

Dear Florence:
Here are the answers to the questions:
Which city do the pictures show?
They show Moscu.
What is happening there?
Russia is affecting Moscu.
Why is it happening?
It is happening because there were buildings, houses, etc, burning and the smoke is affecting Moscu, and lots of tourists have to see things using protection.
What consequences can this have to the people who live or are visiting the city?
For me, there will be less tourists, and people who live there will move to another city, or maybe just have to wait until their nightmare finishes.
Bye, bye!
Milagros F. Pchica 6B

Miss Florence said...

Hello Mili!
Can you expand what you mean by Russia is affecting Moscow? Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence
The city of the picture is of Moscow, Rusia.

There is a lot of smoke because of the fire in Rusia´s woods.

Because of the fire in the woods.

The people can die of the poisonus the smoke is, not many people will go there and it wil be a bad ting for the flora and the fauna of Rusia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florance

I thought this was a very intresting post plus I hadn´t get informed about it and today we where having tea and I told my family that where visiting us and my family of evryday about it and they didn´t know so I felt informed and like sometimes grownups feel when they tell us important things and I wanted to share it with you, I got so entuthiasm with the theme that I looked in other places information too xhaek this out:

In tthe pistures we saw we can see russians and turist with chinstrap to prtoect their respiratory system of the smoke cuased because of the fire caused by the high tempetures. Fire plaguing Russia for over a week causing a great cloud of smoke in the capital Moscow. Hundreds of visitors toured the Red Square with surgical masks and bottled water. Thick smoke is evrywhere plus the warm weather makes it worst for the people. Moscu city had had fire for one week or so!!! The min. of tempeture is 54 and in this momment is doing 73°.

I think they must evaquate Russia from some time but it would be really hard so I don´t know what they can do a rain maybe will help a bit.

Kisses and Love
Valen Papú 6A Olivos

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence
Impressive Pictures

The Picture are showing Moscow , it is in Russia and it is the capital city
From what I see Moscow is covered with a thick layer of smoke that has been there for one week. Tourists and people living in moscow walk around the city with chin strap . This is because of fires. people that live their will suffer a heat wave because tempetures are growing.
There are plenty of consequences but one of them is that this could last weeks or even monthsand plus it expands more and more but lets wish that in moscow they can fight against this tragic scene. People that visit the city would have a different picture of Moscow and plus probibly their flight will be delayed or canceled.


carolina said...

Hi Miss Florence!
I liked a lot this post. I think that it is really interesting. I looked in la Nación and I found two news that I thought that you would be interested. It has images, one video and text so I think it is 3 in 1. Jaja. So here I send you the links:

Here are the answers to the questions you asked for:
Which city do the pictures show?
They show Moscu the capital city of Russia.

What is happening there?
There have been fires in Russia, Moscu and it is choking this city. People have to use masks and there is a lot of smog in the air. Temperature is not normal because Moscu was always a very cold city and this year the temperature raised until 37 degrees. Mosu is all covered by a cloud of smog. The contamination is 5 times more than what it uses to.
Why is it happening?
It is happening because there have been a lot of fires and smoke goes to the air and accumulates it in a cloud called smog. That affects all the population.
What consequences can this have to the people who live or are visiting the city?
The consequences that it can produce to people that live or visit Russia are the following ones:
• People can die of lung illnesses because of the air pollution
• There isn’t a lot of oxygen
• It can bring economical problems because they have to close shops, airports etc…

Very good post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence:
The pictures are impressive I can imagen all the poor people living with that thick layer of smoke.

Here are the answers to the questions:
They show the city of Moscow,
Russia had a enormous fire and the smoke is in Moscow (the capital)
The great buildings are covered with smoke from a fire in Russia
The consequences are for the people that live there are that they need to use masks to protec them selves. The tourists arent going often because of this accident. The people of Moscu would have to wait until the wind takes it away or travel to a city and when they know that the smoke is gone go back to the country.
BYE see you tomorrow
Ana D

Axel said...

Hi Miss Florence,
What's happening in Moscow is that the air is being full of smoke because of all the fires, I'll ask my uncle to leave a comment here because he is living in Moscow and the last thing he told me is that the fire is making lots of people to work against fire and people are really on the oven. I think that the consequences will be that more and more fires will appear all over Russia, Europe and the World and this is very serious! I'm worried because people din't care less, and they seem as if they only matter for themselves!
See you,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs Florence!!
The pictures are taken in Moscu the capital city of Russia. I think that what is happening is that in the forests of Moscu there was a big fire and the smoke is contaminating a lot and the people are getting sick because the air is kind of toxic. People can die because of what is happening because their bodies are not acostumed to that contaminations and pregnent women can have very sick babies.
Pancu.R 6A Olivos

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence here are the answers:
The city is Moscow.It is very hot and so the forests are burning and thge city is covered by smoke because of the burning of the forests. The people living there will probably leave.
Bye Marina

Anonymous said...

hello miss florence:
2)there is a lot of smoke in the air due to fire going on in Russia
3)the woods are on fire
4)Moscow is under a cloud of unbreathable air. the people have to protect thmselves from the polution. They ware masks.

bye bye

Anonymous said...

hi florence
The aswers of the questions:
1- They show moscu
2- Russia a contri in asia is affecting moscu the capital
3- this i happening because there are buildings ect that they are burning and the smoke is affecting

Anonymous said...

hi miss flourence
the pictures show the city of Moscow in this city there is smoke because the Rusians have provike a loy of fires, the smoke can affect your breathing and people are not going to go to thgat city (turists) and the people that live there will die.
kisses vale g

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence!

Which city do the pictures show?

The show Moscouw, in Rusia.

What is happening there?
What is happening there is that the fire is causing a great cloud of smoke in the capital (Moscouw)

Why is it happening?

I think global warming is the culprit

What consequences can this have to the people who live or are
visiting the city?

They may have breathing problems, it is polluting the air, and it may affect the natural resurces.

kisses sol 6a olivos


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