Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello Everyone again...
I had found this map last year, but every time I go back to it, I observe it with awe... Not only look at the map, but also read the information about it as you scroll down...

Click on the image or here and watch!


Anonymous said...

Hi miss Florence,
Wow!!!!It is amazing all de populationin the world and how it goes up and it is verik intresting the map.
Santi.S and Marcos.p
6B (Punta Chica)

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! its incredible to see how many CO2 produces every country. And its population and how people increase in earth.
andy k and simon z

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Florence,
It is amazing, I learnt a lot. I didnt know? that in Argentina:
41.899.534 is the population now (12 of October, 5:19hs)
isnt it incredible?
And that
1 person dies every:1.7 min
1 person is born every: 43 sec

1.000 tones of CO2 every: 3 min
CO2 Emmited per person: 4.29 tones per year.
It is really amazing!
See you,
Ana (olivos)

Anonymous said...

Its very intresting it tells you a lot of info. about all the countries and continents. Thank you of puting this very intresting posts

Tadeo S

Valentina P. said...

Hi Miss Florance!!!

What a map. I saw it and while I went moving the mouse it said the country, people who die and people who are born in how many times.
Then I scrolled below that and I saw how many of 1000 tones of Co2 and it said per 3 minutes here in Argentina, and per habitant 4.29 .
Wow it was so sad and dissapointed for me when I saw all that information the if you think it is true.

I willl prbably blog again in this later!!!!

Valen P.

Axel said...

Hi Miss Florence,
In each country when you click or put the mouse when a sign appears, it says how many people die and are born in the place. The most curious and incredible thing is that in the places in which there are more than 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, more people die!
See you,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

Hi miss florence
this map is amazing !!!
when you touch anywere it tells you what country it is and how much people die or are born and in how much time
it is very good
kisses vale g

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Florence I was suprised with the map and this is one of the most intereting posts and than above the information was very helpfull I didnt now sime things that now thanks of this post I now keep on posting
See you next class!!!!
By:Dolores S.G

Anonymous said...

I can't belive it, all of that is happening in this moment??
It is so wierd!!!I would like to now that, SO MANY PEOPLE BEING BORN AND SO MANY DYING!! But the wierdest of all is that you can see how many CO2 each country produces.
Fran M 6a(punta chica)

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence: I didn't knew that so much carbon dioxide was in the world.
I also learnt that every more or less two minutes a person dies and every more or less 1 minute, a baby is born.
See You, Franco.r 6b olivos

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence,
It is AMAZING. It is very interesting to see how many CO2 produces every country. It is a lot. Also a lot of people increase in the earth.
Excellent post
Juli M. 6B

Anonymous said...

Hi mis Florence,
I cant belive there are were millions and millions of people in this world.
And in some contries people die very frecuently.
Matias.y 6B(Punta Chica)

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