Wednesday, October 20, 2010


OK! Time to play!!! I found, thanks to Miss Marta, this lovely game from the University of Colorado that puts all of this together... Play the game and let´s see what your comments are! If you want, more than one can play it together and you can comment together on your findings!

Click on Run Now, and play by changing the different options!


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence; I liked a lot the game and that you could control the person with the rocket and you could go up right or left and sometimes you didn't need to use the rocket because friction did it.

See You, Franco

Axel said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I loved the game, when I draged to change the track, it changed direction, and the friction came when the rocket stopped and you were in the middle of the ramp. The gravity came when yu went out of the ramp and it took you down!
See you,

Axel G

Alina said...

Hi Miss Florence,
This game is awesome!
I controled the person with a rocket and go right and left like Franco and sometimes Friction did the work for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence,

Awesome and very fun game! Loved it! Though sometimes I lost control of the man! hahah..
Bye bye!
Mili F. Pchica 6B

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Florence,
I really liked this type of games in which friction and/or gravity is included. It was fun playing this game because the skater went ou, dow, left, right it was really outstanding and amazing, keep on putting this type of posts.
See You,
Ana (olivos)

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Flortence: It is very fun and entreteining and i noticed that you can go much more faster with other skaters.But the design is really great.

Emi Huidobro 6a pchica

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Florance
I emjoyed alot the game; it was so much fun!!!
It was easy to persivir the presence of friction during the game.The little person was fun!!!
Valen P.

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Florence:
The game was very good and i lern´t a lot from it because you could control the person with the rocket deppending on the gravety ETC.
Santi.S 6B (Punta Chica)

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence,
I don't know it is my computer or the game but when I open the game a thing of Windows apears and blocks my way to the game. So sorry but this time I couldn't play. I will wish to but my computer was working really bad and I couldn't enter to Miss Ale's blog. But I keep on trying.
I tell you if I can enter the game.
Hope I solve the technological problems.
Lucia L. 6a Fleming

Anonymous said...

hi florence i like a lot the gameit was very good friction was use a lot

miguel .fasce pchica 6b

Anonymous said...

hello miss Florence,
the game is very good and fun it had a lot of buttons so it was like you dont know were to start
kisess michelle c 6b punta chica

Anonymous said...

Miss Florence:
It was very FUNNYto try the diffrent graveties like in the moon etc.
Bauti C 6B P Chica


Taken from! Great way to get to know our skies!