Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This is how the smallest animation video was made... Enjoy!


Franco S said...

Hello Miss Florence

Miss Florence these guys really but really deserves a whole page on the Guinnes World Records they took so long I expect for them the best.

Sofia Candal said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I also think they deserve it!! But it was really facinating how the tini girl moved and the microscope how you saw tini things and it looked like HD you could see every miniature thing there was!!
Bye see you tomorrow!!
Sofi C olivos 6A

Juana o said...

It was suprised with tris video, my brothers olsow do some, they are like moving one MM the toy or watever is it and then you do a video and it looks like if it is realy moving!

Eugenia F. Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
Relly Juani wow amazing what saud Juana. They took so lon, I think I expect from him ALOT. I think they deserve it. I could see everything very well all the details. Keep on blogging this kind of videos.
See us,

Agostina G said...

Hi Miss Florence,
For me it was very incredible their imagination and the things they used to make that program! There is alot of new tecnology that I didnt even know existed like the microscope to see miniature things!

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence,
like the people that blogged before, I also think that this video was amazing!! The microscope could make you so really tiny things! It is really incredible, all the machines and technology the guys used to make the video. They really do deserve a prize or something special for this. My brother and I took lots of pictures together and made a little video but its really hard because for the video to be long you have to take a lot of pictures!! Its incredible and it impressed me a lot.

Ambar t said...

hi miss florence.
they must have taken sooo long, they had to make every single tiny tiny toy!
but finally Il looked like it was maked by a computer!
I loved how you could see the things with the microscope!

Hugo P 6C said...

I think that it was really clever, especially the microscope for the phone and the 3d printer!

vicky said...

Hi Miss Florence
you have to have a big brain to creat this!
It is increadible how long they took to do a video of 2minuts cool!
My cousing works on doing videos and he is 1 month to do a video of 3 minuts, because first he has to organize then start to call the charecters that will act and then do a lot of times the same part so it goes perfect. I whent one day to see how he does it it is super!
have a nice week

vicky b olivos said...

sorry i forgot to put olivos!!!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence,
This video is amazing!!I think they deserve it! Beacuse they took so long. In the microscope you could see really tiny things. You have to be very inteligent to this kind of things.This video is incredible I will show it to my family and I'll tell you on monday if they liked it!!
See you next week!
Clara G

Sofi G said...

This guys have a lot of pacience and they should have to be compenced for that and its realy nice the story and the items that they use are realy small and this is also a kind of science because it shows one of the things you can do with a microscope.

Paulina B Olivos said...

Miss Florence:
Wow! It was great, I was totally suprised with the things they made like with the microscope you can make things so tiny.
They really diserve a price for this. They deserve being on the Guinnes World Records.
They had to have a lot of imagination to make the video.

Francisco I said...

Miss Florence
i think these people is very inteligent. I think they deserve it.

gabor.g said...

as someone said they deserve being on the guinnes world i see how small the things are.

SofĂ­a Lilian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sofia 6a pchica said...

It is amazing!! I didn´t know an animation video could be made thet way. I think they deserve it.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Florence,
It is increfdible how dose brothers made that video, I never knew how an animation video could be made I could never do one video like this one for me is imposible you have to be very precise with every movement.
See you
Clara V 6A olivos

agustin e said...

Hi miss Florence,

I think it´s incredible! I can´t imagine somebody doing that.
For me it´s impressive how they did it, imagine filming it with only a nokia and 4 seconds per day.
Wow! what an effort.

Conrado MF said...

Hi Miss Florence
That was preety owesome I would never even thinck about that idea.

Madeleine I Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
It was awesome, they deserve it!I was incredibly surprised with the tini girl moving!

Josefina A Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
I think it was very nice! I liked the tini girl running.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Florence,
At first i thought it was gonna be boring but when i saw it was cool and i learned alot. I liked at first when it shows the little girl running from the cloth.
Thank you for the video

luca m.b. said...

Hi florrence

it was very impresive all of the camara and how they made the little girl and how they paited her.

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