Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Watch this video,

and then read the following link to find out more!


SofĂ­a V pchica said...

Hi Florence
I have seen dogs shake but I have never seen mice do the same. So I didn`t know the diference.
Thank you for posting.
See you soon
Sofi V

Clara C Punta Chica said...

Hi Florence

It is very good. It is impresive. I already saw dogs sheaking but never mice!!!

Anonymous said...

it is very impresive and asome

lola.l pchica said...

hi florence it is very asom

Vicky H. P Chica said...

Hi Florence
I haved seen the video and it was realy impresive. I learned lots of new things only seaing at that video. I had seen dogs shake but i never new other animals like mice did it.
see you soon
vicky h

Miss Florence said...

Glad you learn something!!!! Love, Miss F.

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I have seen the video and I have also found out more things in the page.I have learned lots of things by watching the video and reading the page.I have learned that when dogs shake themselves they shake in the most dynamically efficient way,like the salad spinner.I hope that you can post more incredible posts so that we can learn more impressive things.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

hugo p said...

Miss Florence
I thought it was very intersting. I didnt know a mouse could wiggle 27 times per second.

Chloe M Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
The dog shaking is very funny! I have never seen a mice doing that.
See you soon,
Chloe Martin

Jose A PChica said...

Hi Miss Florence!
I really liked the video and it is extremely interesting. I loved when the mice shaked because i had never seen that before! Great difference.
See you
Jose A.

Olivia L Pchica said...

Hi Floence!
This is a fantastic video. I have seen dogs shank but i never neen a mice or any animal. Thanks for posting this video.
See you.
Oli L

Mica B. Pchica said...

Hi florence,
When I saw the rat and the mouse shaking was reaply imresive. The video was great!!
Thank you for posting this super video, see you soon.

matias to Pchica said...

It is incredible it is so funny

Sofi G Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence that was very strange at first as like wet animals and physics?
I had never seen a rat shake to take out water it is very strange.

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