Thursday, April 12, 2012

Biggest fish in the world!

This is a video I found in La Nación Newspaper... Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hello florence, WOW that fish is enormous I never saw fish with that size, when I saw it for the first time it waesn t like a fish, it was like a water monster

miranda 6a pchica

Maxi N. 6a pchica said...

Hello Florence, what an enormous fish I always thought that fish were small animals but when I saw this I was amazed. It´s incredible how human nature can have enormous things such as this fish. Goodbye see you at school.

sean 6c said...

wow its really big i once swam with whale shark swich are the biggest fishes in the world they were like 14 meters long it says that the fish was of 12 meters the biggest whale sharks are about 18 meters

Delfi Russell 6B PC said...

WOW! Its the biggest fish i had ever seen! The one who fished it I guess he needed a lot of bait!

Maia 6A PC said...

Wow! its the biggest fish in the world!!! It looks like a shark.

emilia said...

hello florence, that fish is enormous. I never seen that huge fish!!m

Jano said...

Florence its very ver big i never saw something like that.
I have lot's of questions
Were was it
How was his weight
Jano 6C

Anonymous said...

it looks like a shark, how much it weigths. mateo.p


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