Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who was Robert Adler?

I read about Robert Adler today... Who was he? Give me 7 things you learnt about him on a sheet of paper, and I will give you 7 House Points!!!!!
Deadline, June 1st!


Valentin said...

It was very interesting. I love his invention. Seeing the tv would have been very boring without remote controls. There was a link under the page that I was looking at that was:
Robert Adler: Biography of the Inventor Who Made Life Easier for Couch Potatoes
It is funny. :)
Tank you for posting the comment.

Michelle.F said...

Do we have to find information about him in google or you give us the link??

-6B PC Michu.F

Aline G said...

I only find 5 things abut him that are:
1-He was worn in December 4 1913 in Vienna- February15, 2007
2-He live in Australia
3-He invented the tv control in 1956
4-He work on the Zenith Electronics
5- In 1982 Adler was the company's Vice President and Director of Research.

Candela G said...

What I had found investigaiting is:
Robert Adler invented the first workable wireless remote control for television. He was born in Austria on the 4th of December of 1913. He was married by Mary Buehl Adler (d. 1993) and his second wife was Ingrid Adler (m. 1998). His father was Max Adler (sociologist) and his mother was Jenny Adler-Herzmark (physician). He was of religion Jewish. He also made important improvements to low-noise traveling-wave tubes, advanced the stability of electron beams through parametric amplification, and held nearly 200 other patents.

Cande G. 6C

kiki 6b pchica fleming said...

1:lived australia
2:born on december
3:invented tv control
4:mother jenny adler hertzmark
5:father max adler
6:he was jewish
7:robert adler was the company s vice president and director of research


Taken from ABC.net.au! Great way to get to know our skies!