Monday, June 9, 2008

Getting to the end of our quest...

It has been most rewarding for me to be part of the "Wall" project... I have learnt so much from each one of you!!!! Any opinions you´d like to share?


Anonymous said...

Hi miss Florence Ive enjoy a lot this project it was easy, we could do it in a computer and in groups of 3. I think groups of 3 are better than groups of 2 because.... imagine one of the members of thje group goes away for holiday that 2 weeks of the project. It will be a desaster because the person who is alone has to do all the work. Changing subject: I would like to do more of this interesting projects

bye bye
Thomas D

Miss Florence said...

Thanks Thomas...

Anonymous said...

Miss Florance,
I enjoyed a lot this proyet on Cesar Milstein and I think we all learned a lot of him. My group was great we have a lot of fun together too. I would want to continue with this proyect so we could learn more about him.

See you,

Shany M

Anonymous said...

Miss Florence
I would like to tell you that at first I really enjoyed working on this project because we really liked what we where doing and all the information we had was very reech! But when we where doing the Google Earth everything vanished away and nothing was safe!! So we started another one and we had to harry a lot!! But at the end everything turn out great!! See you,
Kiki D

Anonymous said...

Miss florence: I loved the idea of the wall because we could learn about very important people in a good and funny way. I choosed the interview and the song that I really enjoyed. It was fun doing the song with "were all in this together" and the interview I wished that the person could answer the questions!!!
INes G.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ale:
today it is 13 / 11 and It is 8:50, I have just watched on TV the report they have done of Cesar Milstein. Well, they are very right. I think it is so cool that they are saying just the same things as we did, in our project. They are right, but there were some things I didnt know. Like: that the (cenizas) of his body-when he died- were thrown out in his garden. Thats very interesting ! Also, different and original, but It depends on how he wanted it. It is very good. Well,the report was very complete, telling just the things someone needs to know for a person that did not know Cesar. I liked the report. It was very creative of the news to do something like this, it was called " genios olvidados " It is true, and I think we must never forget them although they have done something a long time ago. It is very importaint for argentina that these people do something big that deserves a NOBEL PRIZE !! Even if they dont win a nobel prize, they are importaint. They all deserve attention, not attention, but people to respect him / her for what he / she has done. Well, see you tomorrow !!!

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