Thursday, November 13, 2008


November 13th, 2008

A special feature in Telenoche, Channel 12, called "Genios Olvidados", included our Nobel Prize Dr. Cesar Milstein.

Did you like it?


Anonymous said...

hi miss florence!!

I saw the short comment of cesar on "todo noticias" and I liked it a lot!. When I see him on t.v. I related he`s as a hero but also as my grand uncle. I liked him a lot as now. He`s a gand uncle - hero !!!!!

bye bye see you on monday.

Anonymous said...

Hi miss Florence.

I saw that short comment about Cesar Milstein. I saw it with my grand - father (his brother). He was on t.v.!!. I was very preoud of Cesar because he made a grate discoverment in the body. I was glad to see him with his brother. He had a great life up to 2002. :(:(

see you on Monday.

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