Thursday, November 12, 2009

NOVEMBER, Month of Chemistry!

Ok... You thought you had seen everything? Well, check on this and then let me know! I had NEVER seen something sooo creative!
Click on the image...


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence, I didn't understand the table but what I liked and understood was when you clicked on a face that for exmaple was gold and then showed you all the comics that had gold.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence,
The page of comics was very good! It gave a loot of information about hte Comics and all that! I really liked all teh page and that but.. I didnt understand some things htat were there! Ksises Belu d OLIVOS 6B

Domi said...

Hello miss florence, I never saw something like this! There were so many different comic stips...
I really enjoyed having a look at them!
See you

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Florence,
I like them a lot
they were very impresive, there were great
I never so some thing like that in my lives, I like them a lot!1
there were a lot of comics!
well see you on monday
chiar a f 6C

Anonymous said...

Wow Miss Florece I understood some parts but others were too hard, it is relly very well made and I didnt now November was the month of chemistry, also the comics game a lot of information about chemistry. I had fun looking at them.

Bye Tomas Y 6c

Anonymous said...

Hello Florence, I liked and thought it was cool that it shows you all the comics hat had gold.I nver saw thattype od comic.

Toni S Punta Chica

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence!
I liked this site and is very intresting, I learnt a lot of things about comics! I didnt understant some thing, but i enjoyed it!

See you at school

fifi vega 6a pchica

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence, the faces of that people and changing to a comic, is great!!! You were correct when you said that we didn´t saw everything, I had never seen something like that!
the blog is great...keep on posting
ps: Go on like that!!!!
meli b

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