Monday, November 9, 2009


This is a video that appeared in "La Nación" online newspaper, Monday, November 9th. By rowing along the Riachuelo, a very polluted river in the city of Buenos Aires, these people claim for its cleaning. What do you think about what these people did?


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence, I agree very much with this people, recognaising good things of this pleace and don´t being hideing. I think that this people feel that they want to see more people (turists) seeing the good things of that pleace and using it. And remember the important things about that pleaces that people have forgotten about, because that people didn´t used and showed that magnificant pleace, but now they are showing it and using it and that is very good!!!
the blog is great...keep on posting
meli b

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence,
I really think that these people are VERY right beucase they are saving hte planet by getting all teh cans and things they throw to the river. I think that they are doing it not just because they are bored at home, htey are doing it for a reason and I think taht reason is that htey want more turists to come and visit, not waste water htat is very durty, not CONTAMINATION! And tehy dont want to other countries think another BAD impression of Buenos Aires! I liked a lot the post! Kisses Belu D Olivos 6b

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence,
What these people made was that the riveris looked like a not well place but these people made was to other people say that you also can go there,

Agustina F.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence:
I think that this people are making a great job!
All the turists maybe think that the riachuelo is a "cloaca" but this people are showing that this is a very nice place.
Great post..
Agus M. 6.A pchica

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence:
This people are doing something really good, they are showing that the riachuelo is not only something dity but has a beautiful side and make us realize those things.
I really liked this post
bye kiss
Miri 6a pchica

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