Friday, September 10, 2010


When you click on the picture, you will be able to watch a video I found in "How Stuff Works Videos". Once you have, get ready to answer the following questions on a sheet of paper, to hand in by October 1st in your Science lab. The sheet must have your name, class, and the title of this post as your title. The information for the answers is in this video.

1. What does the word "philosophy" mean?

2. Who was Aristotle?

3. Write at least 5 sentences about what Galileo Galilei found out.

4. What does a scientist do that a philosopher does not?

5. Why did the crumpled paper reach the floor before the sheet of paper?

6. Explain the experiment that the Apollo astronauts conducted on the moon.

NB: There is an ad right before the video... Be patient...


Anonymous said...

hi florence we can give it on September?

Mi comment that i want to let here of the video is that it was amazing and the way the video was told to do the questions
Later i will give you the question bye wrriten

Bye nicola

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence,

The video was amazing i never new that Galileo Galilei existed or that philosophy means love of wisdom.
I finish the questions can i give the questions before?

Bye Matias.S

Anonymous said...

Dear Florence,
thank you so much for posting this video. It is very interesting and helpful to me.
Camila 6B

Valentina P. said...

Hi Miss Florance
I read the page and it was very intresting, I took down notes while reading of the answers of the questions and I will put it on my own words, plus pharaphrasing as what we learnt with Miss Ale. Well time to work!!!

Kisses Valen P. 6A

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence!
I saw the video but I will right what you ask for tomorrow because tomorrow at the afternoon I have a "Matemática's" test and I have to study.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I already the work about it...
It was very intresting !
I enjoy to see the video, because I learned new things !
Like, that "Philos" means LOVE and that "Sophia" means WISDOM,,, so philosophy is the LOVE of WISDOM ! ! !

Mili P...... 6ºB

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence:

I think the video is amazing. I will give to you the paper after the holydays. See you in class!!

Felipe 6B

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence
I wanted to say to you that I finished the work and that the video was very intresting and know I know more about Aristotle and Galileo Galilei
bye Fran g

Anonymous said...

hi mis florence,
I never thought that thought that Philos ment lobe or that sophia ment withsom. That means that philosophy is the LOVE OF THE WISTHOM. I realy enjoyed the video, it was very interesting.
I will later give you the questions hand written,
See you later,
Fran m, 6A pchica

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence,
I really don't know why some people think its difficult. If you watch it a lot of times you can understand it very well. I know the choir students have to give it tomorow 29 of september and the other people 1 of october. I really prefere to do it know and don't wait to the last moment to do it.
Lucia L. 6a FLEMING

Anonymous said...

It was a very good video!!
I didn't write two sentences of question 5:( SORRY!"!!
Bye nicky

Anonymous said...

hello miss Florence i think that the video was great and good for us to know how and what aristotle think it was very nice thank you
pablo.a 6a

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence,

Me an Alina did a project on Greek Philosophers in general last year. We researched about Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras as well as Aristotle. Socrates was particularly interesting for me.

The Ancient Greeks are on of my favourite topics, not only because of all the myths and legends, but of their great discoveries and strange likelihood of our world today, if slightly more primitive. But who knows, maybe primitive was the way it was meant to be. It worked well enough before.


Anonymous said...

Hi florence
I saw and aswered the questions and i was amaced with the last thing:
That a hammer was droped at the same time as the feather and the fall at the same time
bye see you later
agus Feit 6ºA pchica

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