Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yes! Plants start blooming, time for flowers, the weather starts changing, the days get longer... But does Spring REALLY start today??

To find out, please click on the image...

And let me know when Spring starts!! Can you tell me why?
Have a great week!

Miss Florence


Anonymous said...

Happy Spring Day Miss Florence, I wish you a happy day. I wish you you enjoy this Spring Holidays.

See you later, bye bye

Agostina G

Anonymous said...

Hello miss Florence,
Spring actually starts September 23at 1:09pm.

See you,
Ana (olivos)

Axel said...

Hi Miss Florence,
Actually, today isn't Spring Day scientifically! It will be on September 23, at 1:09pm. Even though I wish you a Happy Spring Day, and hope you and everybody at school wasn't at Palermo because ther were many damaged people.
See you,

Axel G

Anonymous said...

Hi Florence
Scientifically on 21 is not the day of Spring, it is in the 23 of September

Bye Happy Springs Holidayss

Anonymous said...

hi florence the 4forth coment is of nicola

Vale P. said...

Hi Miss Florance!!!
Happy spring!!! What a nice season!!! Spring starts the 23 of September at 1:09 pm. Isn´t it great?????

Valen P.

Anonymous said...

hi miss florence
happy spring start
actually spring starts the 23 of september at 1:09, i didn t have any idea!!!
kisses vale g

Anonymous said...

Wow this is incredible because I thought, as everyone else that Spring started on September 21st, the day in which we celebrate it!
Hope you had a wonderful time in the Spring holidays and you had a great time in the Spring Day!
Kisses, See you tomorrow with al my energies,
Michelle 6C

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence

Happy spring day and I hope you had had excellent vacations. Springs really starts 23rd of septemaber at 1:09 pm.


Anonymous said...

Miss Florence:
Actually the spring starts in September 23 at 1.09 pm. This is kind of strange, isnt it? But, still I have a doubt, why we and every one says that the spring starts one day but actually it starts another?
Another thing, very interesting the web of the seasons!
Good bye!
SofiB olivos.

Anonymous said...

hi Miss Florence,
Happy spring!!!!
Spring starts (started) on September 23rd at 1:09 pm.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence,
I think it starts on the 21 of september is what our agendas say and I trust the agendas!!

Lucia L.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss florence,
Thank you very much happy spring holiddays. Flowers start growing, yeeeeeeees
Juli M. 6°B

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence!
I love Spring!
I had a lot of fun in the holidays!
I had a lot of fun!
I was always with a friend because if not I would be very bored.

Anonymous said...

Miss Florence,

I know this is very late, but the beginning of Spring was September 23rd, 1:09 PM.
It will be summer officially on December 22nd, 10:38 AM, though some days it seems like Summer is here already!


Anonymous said...

I hope that all of you enjoyed your spring day , I have enjoed it alot
nicky b

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence,
Spring starts in September 23 but we say that it starts at September 21.
Manuel 6ºB

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