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juli ch said...

Hi Miss Florence:
What a nice video. Really I feel sorry for the fishes because they have to bee in their habitat. If you see very whell you can see that there is a man inside the tank. The place were the fishes are ceptl looks like room because you can see a little window in te back part of the room.
See you tomorrow,

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence, the tank is huge!!! There are many different fish. I agree with Juli. Although they are in a big tank, the fishes have to be in there normal habitats, not trapped in a tank.

Miss Florence said...

i agree with you too, girls! A huge kiss

Conrado Martinez said...
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Conrado Martinez said...

Hi Florence
That was so big i have benn latly to one but its not so big.I love fish but i think they should be in their habitat

Hugo P said...

Miss Florence,
I thought it was amazing how amazing the aquarium was and I recognised a few fish.

Roxie W. said...

Miss Florence,
WOW!!!! The tank is huge. It would be really fun to swim in there but it might be a little bit scary. Some animals are really huge! I feal bad for the animals because they do not have lot on freedom even thought the tank is huge but the people that own it feed them so thay get nice food so they won't die. That is amazing!!!
See you on Monday!!!!!!!!

Paulina B said...

Hi Florence
What a great video.
How Juli said I feel really sorry for that fish.
I think this fishes need to be in their own habit, not kept in this tank, that is really HUGE!!!
Poor fishes, there are many different fish and each one should live where they belong to.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Florence,
What an incredible video. How many fishes there were and how beautiful and colorfull they were.Most of the little fishes were grouped by their species. But although they were very nice to see them if you put in their places it would be horrible be them because for all those fishes there was only one fishbowl, it is like living in school with all the years all your life without freedom. I like alot to go to that places but know that I realized I fill poor abut dose fishes the have tu be free.
I agree with juli and ari
See you next week
Clara V 6A olivos

juan ignacio S.S. olivos said...

hi miss florence
i recognized some stingrays and i think 1 or two sharks at the back part.
thanks for the video and the music.

GianfrancoE said...

Hi Miss Florence
Wow what a good video all the fishes and what a enormus tank!
For me there are many many diferent kinds of fishes and I love them.

Agus T olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence
As Juli, Ariana, Roxie and Puli said I also feel a bit sorry for the fishes, they are not supposed to be their, although they are very well treated, they were taken from their habitat. I saw a a stingray, (if it is like that that it's called)and many other really HUGE fishes! It is amazing how many they are!
See you next week

Eugenia F. Olivos said...

Hello Miss Florence,
It is a HUGE TANK!!! But I think they had to live in their habitad,I know there they have a huge tank, they live like kings, but if their not in their habitad they must die and also the sea is much bigger. I you see close you can see ther is a man inside the tank with the fishes.

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
What a nice video but i feel very sorry for the fishes beacuse they have to be in normal habitat.But what a huge tank!!
See you tomorrow,
Clara G

Francisco I said...

I like a lot this video i gould like to swim there. is a nice aquariom

Chloe M.Pchica said...

The tank is enourmous!
In one side it would be very nice to visit that place, with thous sharks and all type of fish.
But one the other side I feel sorry for them, they have to be in that tank for perhaps all their life, but they are lucky to have a big tank.

Agustin E said...

What a big aquarium.I loved all those animals.
I think the best was that kind of whale with spots.
And what crazy do you have to be to enter to that aquarium like that guy doing scuba dive.
See you miss Florence!

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Florence:

What a nice vidoe you hadf put, sorry that I couldnt leave a comment before my computer wasnt working and I couldnt leave comments; all the fishes and sharks were bigger or the same size as the people who were watching them. I think I saw two men swimming inside the tank. If this is the second biggest water tank in the world I cant imagine the first one and what tipe of fishes did it had.

See you tommorow

Sofi G said...

Oh, what nice video but poor fishes they should be in their habitat not trapped in the aquarium just cause humans want to see them! But I wold never be in there with all the fishes (especially sharks) poor fishes they dont have to be in that tank just free cause that is not right that they are there just because humans want to see them just not fair!!!!!

matias c said...

hi Miss Florence.
I really liked this video because of its HD and also because I saw that those fishes were enormous specially the sharks, and thats why they lived in such a tank

matias c said...

hi Miss Florence.
I really liked this video because of its HD and also because I saw that those fishes were enormous specially the sharks, and thats why they lived in such a tank

luca m.b said...

wow i couldn't recognize eny fish because they were so many fish in that tank i saw a man in there it was wonderful.

Maxi G. - P. Chica said...

it is incredible it is enormous and the fish are very nice

gabor.g said...

hi miss florence
id love to go there, the tank is huge,its bigger then the ones in zoos like in Temaiken and there are a bunch of fishes, Some are the whale sharks and the stingrays, i also saw a man inside the tank. As julieta and ariana and you said, i hate thinking about fish trapped in a tank, although if they would be free in the sea i would have never seen fishes like that not even in Temaiken.

Ambar T said...

Hi miss florence:
Beautiful video! I love fishes! that habitat is enormous!!
I agree with ariana and juli. they have to be in there habitat!
see you tomorrow

Belén D said...

Hi miss Florence:
It was a very nice video, the tank was huge. I saw a lot of stingray fish, I saw a very huge shark and a lot of tinny sharks and I saw a lot of fishes schools. It really seemed like it if you were in the seabed. I could see divers in the tank.

ANdres ku said...

Hello Miss Florence,
I really like the video, the animals are so big.

Tomas S said...

Miss florence,

the aquarius is amazing they were allot of fishes I could reconize, because I love fishing and some I reconize them because like reading books of fishes.

joaquin C said...

The shark is gigantic i cant belive it it bigger than a bus very good video

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