Thursday, April 28, 2011


Did you know that Science and cooking are related so closely? Please click on the link, and watch the video. Can you tell me at least three things you learnt while you watched it?



Ernestina P. said...

Miss Florence
When I start reading the post I couldnt understand that cooking is related with the science!
when I was watching the video I heard that cooking is chemistry! Also I relase that science is the kit understanding what goeas wrong and what goes right in the kichen, I learnt that the red cabbit also have a boiling point as we are studing in sience with you!
This kind of chimestry is very delicous! As it says on the video!
Ernestina P.

Hugo P said...

Miss Florence,
I thought it was amazing how different things cahanged as you heat them or cook them in different ways. I liked this video.

Miss Florence said...

My first two comments! Great, Hugo and Ernestina!

Roxie W. said...

Miss Florence,
Wow. I understand that it is good to know chemistry for cooking. The lady said that you can still mess up but you know why you did and what caused it. If you cook for example esparagas longer, the cells will go shrinking. Also they said that cooking is chemistry. That is very cool!
See you on Monday!!!!

andy e said...

it is true because as it is chemistry and so all food has a mass and liquid and a boiling point! and all that fings have to do with science and chemistry.

vicky.b olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence
when i just saw the post i thought she is crazy!!
but then i looked at the video and it is real!!
cool how can you can have some sciense in your cooking if not it will be so boring!
i lliked the video!
have a nice week!!

Paulina B said...

Hi Florence
At first I didn´t understand how cooking could be related to Science, but then I realised that what you said was true, cooking is chemistry.
another thing I learnt is that the red cabbit have a boiling point, also that
Its the kit of what goes right and wrong.
Thank you, have a nice weekend

Clara V said...

Hi Miss Florence,
What a grat video I never knew that cooking was realited with science when I read the post I could not belive it. When I started watching the video I started understanding. It was strange the final part. I would not never could relate cooking with science, the man who did it should be very inelillant.
See you next week, have a nice weekend
Clara V 6A olivos

Tobias allende pchica said...

Miss florence: first i couldnt believe cooking is science!!
I didnt knew that food like red cabbit had a boiling point! From where do you get all this science videos?

Agus T olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence!
My case was not different as the other people in the way that I did not understand how SCIENCE was related to COOKING!!
I entered to this post on Friday at the afternoon so I could hear the post, but I had no volume!! Today I tried again in another computer and it worked so:
I will say the things I learnt

.First of all, this was what answered my doubt, COOKING IS CHEMISTRY

.The red cabbit has a boiling point, (it's what you have told us, each subtance has a different one)

.And as Puli said, it's the kit of what goes right and wrong.

See you next week

Eugenia F. Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence,
It is amazing how science is realated with the cooking, if I didnt saw this video never I could never thing about this! I also think as same as Erenstina:Science is the kit understanding what goes wrong and what goes right in the kichen because it true, like in the laboroty, imagine (I dont know if this is right) the bunsen burner its the main things, because it the heat to the tempture to go up. This type of chimestry is very delicous and you can eat it!!!! DELICIOUS!!!

Ambar T said...

Miss florence: When i read the post said that it was very strange!!
but well after all I was wrong! Its relative!!
I never thought that they were relative!
see you tomorrow

Miss Florence said...

I LOVE listening and reading your thinking! Great Job! Keep it up!!!

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence, this is amazing!!! I didnt know that chemistry and science was related to cooking!! For example, when I was watching the video and reading the post, I found out that the boiling water makes the food change color because of the cells and the acid. Also that what goes right and wrong in the kitchen is chemistry and that the fruit can change overnight. Like the green banana to an overripe banana because of the ethylene gas.

sophia O olivos said...

Hi Florence
At first I couldn´t belive that cooking is science
then I saw the video and it was amazing how the things changed as you cook them or heat them all things have a boiling point as you said

Bautista T said...

Its very big the difference of how much time you cook or heat something...
It is incredible!!!

Matias O said...

Miss Florence
I learned that cooking is chemistry.Also is the key that tells you what is right or wrong in the kitchen.The cooking are chemical reactions.The vinegar is like an acid.

I didn't know that chemistry is related with cooking

Sofi G said...

Wow I´ve never thought cooking could be related with science but now I understand that to cook you need to know the right boiling point or I´ll end up in a mess!

Tomas G. said...

Hi Miss Florence,
Three things i learnt were:
cooking is cheamistry. If you put speragus into a hot pan with boiling water will cause the cells to pop, if you keep cooking them for a while the cells will shrink and realeas acid. When you put chopped red cabbage into a hot pan it will change color blue because it changes from acid to alkaline.
That is three things i leart by!!
See you tomorow!!

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Florence:

When I read this post I couldnt understand how cooking is related into science, but then I read the page that you put and I understood a little bit.

See you tommorow.

Sofi K Olivos said...

Wow, Miss Flornce thanks!!
If it wasn't for this blog I could never learn this!! I had NO idea!! I loved the video!!

see you

justo l said...

One of the things I learntis that science and cooking are related because whatever happens with the vegetables or what you are cooking is related to a chemical reaction. I also saw that some vegetables change color while in boiling water. The video also said that fruits release some kind of gas that ruin them or something of the sort, I couldn´t understand that part well because I cad problems with the audio.

simon.a pchica said...

Hi miss Florence
when I started reding the text about the cooking I cuold not believe that science was related with cooking!!
I thought it was imposible!!!
but when I saw the video I realase that it was true that science was related with cooking
I learnd that the red cabbige had a boiling point.that if you leave a long time food cooking it makes acids and that is not good.And I learned that chemistry can be delicious!!!!!!!!!!
I liked the video a lot
see you tomorrow
bye bye!

Luca M Olivos said...

Hello Miss Florenece,

I had to see the video three times because I didnt understand it. I didnt think that cooking is related to science, but it is. Cooking is chemestry. Because you can boil cabage and that if you cook vegetables more time they can shrink.

Very good video
Luca M

Tomas S said...

Miss Florence I didn´t thought that the cooking had something with science, but the video show the contrary.

Benjamin p said...

Miss Florence
When I start reading the post I couldn`t understand that cooking was related with science!!!!!!!! I think it was amazing how different things changed ass you heat them in different ways.I loved this video.

gabor.g said...

i cant believe things change color while you heat them and then they turn back again with an ingredient(baking soda or vinegar).

GianfrancoE said...

Hi Miss Florence I thought that cooking had nothing to do with chemistry.
A thing that I learnt is that cooking can be delisious and if you put red cabagge into a hot pan it changes colour, I never saw a vegetabrle change colour¡¡!!

Mariano P said...

i cant belive that two things wich i thot they hade nothing two doe but they actualy have alot to doe

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
When I read the post I didn´t understand that Science and chimestry
where related to cooking!
I really liked the video!
It says that chimestry is very delicous!!
See you tomorrow!
Clara G

Ana G. Olivos said...

Miss Florence
I realized that cooking is Science because when you cook the food it can have difrent reactions.
What get me impressed was that the red cabagge has olso a boilling point just as all the things that we are seeing now.
See you on Tuesday
Ana G Olivos

SofĂ­ K Olivos said...

Miss Florence:

I had no idea!! Thanks to you I could lear that!! Wow cooking=chimestry! I Agree with Ernestina we understand what goes wrong and what goes wright!!!

Thank you
See you on Monday

andres ku said...

Hello Miss Florence,
before watching the video I thought cooking and science were related because when you heat water on a stove and when you heat water in a lab with a Bunsen Burner it is the same thing just the object that the flame comes out is different.
If you know science the video tells you that you might not do it right but you know were you did it wrong,
I did not know that when you cook asparagus the cells shrink and give off liquid, the third thing I learned is that the vinegar is an acid.
See you tomorrow, Andres ku

Lourdes I said...

when i read the post for first time i couldnt understand how science is relationated with cooking but when i saw the videa i noticed that: to cook is chemistry and that science is the kit of understanding what goes right or wrong in the kitchen and also that like ernestina said, red cabbage also has a boiling point and changes of colour with the heat like we are studying with you!!!

Francisco I said...

Miss Florence
i understand it very well. I like. The girl tells us that is good to know chemestry for cooking i didnt knew that the science was relationed with cooking.I like the video because it teach somethings.

sophia O olivos said...

hi florence
I loved the video, I have never known that cooking is science


Juan g said...

wow i cant believe that food and SCIENCE are related. i didnt know that until i saw the compulsury coment.
Juan de Gainza

Tizi D Pchica said...

I couldn´t understand how cooking could be related to chemistry but then I started thinking about how we studied the boiling points and how it could be connected to cooking. While I watched the video I went realizing that science and chemistry is related to a lot of things! I´m going to cook some asparagus and see what happens.

matias.c.6c said...

miss florence wow i never new that to totally diferent things can be in some way connected.
I really liked this video by by see you tomorrow.

Chloe M Pchica said...

I loved the video!!
It really explanes.I really didnt knew that science is related to cooking.

juli Ch Olivos said...

Miss Florence:
1)Cmemistry is cooking
2)Cooking is related to science
3)Duferentes foods cook is differente way.
See you at school,

Conrado MF Olivos 6a said...

I never thought that food would be connected with science but then i thought it better. I spent a time thinking of all the matters why science is related to cooking for more understanding. Hope you get better .conrado

Manuel.B said...

Never in a million guesses I would have found that out.
Cooking is Chemistry!!!
What I realized is that the person said the red cabbit has a boiling point I thought of all the boiling point experiments we made and I thought if it would be fun to find out what is was!!!

Abril C said...

I didn't new cooking was related with science!! when I read the post I couldn't belive it nobady would think that cooking is chemistry. I learned alot with the video thank you

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