Friday, April 1, 2011

MYSTERY REVEALED... What is a QR Code?

To find out... Click on the link!!!! And then go back to the other one and try and make out what it says!


Clara V said...

Miss Florence
I don´t really know what it means but I am going to investigate about it and i am going to send it by mail to you
Clara V

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence, Its very hard to figure it out and to try to find out what it is. I am going to try more ties and when I find out I will email you the answer.

Franco S said...

Hello miss Florence

Its very hard to figure it out. I am going to investigate more about that if I found that answer I am going to send you an E-mail.

Good bye.

justo l said...

From what ive read in the link QR codes are very useful but they are hard to decifer. I honestly think they are cool, but how do you scan it on a cell phone?

Marcos L Olivos said...

COOL THING, I think that that is a very but very difficult to revel that QR code!!!!!

Eugenia F. Olivos said...

Miss Florence
I dont know so much what it means but I will find in some way and send it to you in a mail.
See us,

Eugenia F. Olivos said...

It is realy difficult, I cant solve it!!

Ernestina P. said...

Miss Florence
It was very hard to figure it out I will go on investigating to find it out!
When I figure it out I send it to you by mail!
Ernestina P.

Matias P.I. said...

Miss Florence,
A QR code means Quick Response, it is a code that consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.

Matias P.I.

Tomas L Punta Chica said...

Miss folrence
I dont know what is but it sounds relly interesting I am gonna try to discover to discover but I know that it is an abriviation. I saw in google that it means Quick Response but I am not sure.

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