Friday, April 1, 2011


Did you see this yesterday?


Clara V said...

Hello Miss Florence
I saw that and I read it and it said that was something form the one wich invented the bunsen burner called robert bunsen
see you next week
clara v

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence, I put Robert Bunsen like it says on the post and I read it. It said that the invention of Robert Bunsen was the Bunsen Burner and thats why its called like that because if his name.

Eugenia F. Olivos said...

Hello Miss Florence:
Yes I saw that drawing on google but I didnt read it cause I was in a hurry.

Tomas .G said...

Hello Miss Florence
I read what you posted about who invented the bunsen burner called Robert Bunsen. They called the Bunsen Burner because of Robert's name.
Thank you.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Florence

This is my very first comment in the science blog I hope it would be very good. I saw that doodle yesterday and I realized that it was very good and funny. It was very good.

matias c said...

i cant really believe this tipe of coinsidence the site had a good sumarry so if someone needs to now or learn something from that he can take it from this page

benjamin p said...

Hellow Florence
I didn´t saw it but i think it says robert bunsen

andres kw said...

I saw it and I saaid what is that, and I dont knew the name of the the one that invents the bunzen burner is robert

Sofi K said...

Hello MIss Florence!!
Yes i saw it!! I liked how they draw it!! Everything for Robert Bunen, he did become important!!
See you tomorrow!!

andy e said...

realy ! incredible what google made. i think that this was because it was the invention of the bunsun burner.
it is very nice.

Marcos L Olivos said...

Hello Miss Florence:
I googled that day and saw the picture of the laboratry apparatus.

Milo.C 6c said...

It is a honour to do this to the scientits I already so it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Florence
I read what you posted about who invented the bunsen burner called Robert Bunsen. They called the Bunsen Burner because of Robert's name.
Thank you.

Sofi C Olivos 6A said...

Hi Miss Florence,
Yes I saw that was in google because of Robert Bunsen s death¡¡ It was a very important day¡

Sofi C

jeronimo A said...

hi miss. Ale
I read about robert bunsen, his life is very interesting. and the new google it was very good
see you tomorow

Pedro B Olivos said...

Miss Florence i saw it when i was looking information of social studies , he died or its his birthday?, its very intresting that the people coudl recognize that he made it
Pedro B

Manuel.B said...

It is nice because if you pay attention you can see the "Google" written between the lab apparatus.

Bautista T said...

Hello Miss Florence,
Thats why its called Bunse Burner!!!
Because of his surname!!
I thuoght something similar but not that!!
See you next week!!

Luca M said...

I also saw it. All those lab apparatus formed google. The doodles were because it was Roberts Bunsen's anniversary. He created the Bunsen Burner. He was a genious. I think it was very difficult to creat that.

Roxie W. said...

Miss Florence, I looked at it but I couldn't see what it formed. Later I am going to look up on the computer, Google Doddles.

gabor.g said...

i didnt read about him but i know he is an important man.i like how he put the name on the Bunsen burner, if i were him i would have put my last name to.

Andres Ku said...

Hello Miss Florence, I saw the picture and thought of Robert Bunsen!!! I knew he had invented that.
you can also see other lab instruments.
See you tomorrow. bye
Andres ku

juan g said...

jajaja it is very funny. very very creative,because they mix an important day, a colourful picture and google in a drawing.

pd. i think that maybe, because we have to comment so many things that maybe, you could change the rule of living comments to once per 15 days instead of every week.

Ernestina P said...

yes it was fantastic when I put google it apear it! I already knew about because the Bunsen Burner was called like that but it was very interesting!!
Ernestina P.

ines m said...

I didnt saw it but it is greate the idea.

mora f pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence:
It was a very good video the one of the egg. It was soo funny.

candela L pchica said...

I liked the picture because it was very good.When we did the work it was an interest thing of all the characteristics of the bunsen burner

Ambar t said...

I don't under stan the g but y really like the google doodles!!
The lab apparatus that I most remember the ones with surnames!
see you tomorrow!

hannah . R said...

Hi Miss Florence!!
yes I saw it but i didnt knew what it was but now that I read the post I put in google robert bunsen and i read about it at first i didnt knew who he was but then I rememberd the BUNSEN BURNER!

Paulina B Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence
I saw that, it was great, I remembered the moment you told us about Robert Bunsen.
He was a very important person.

martina o said...

hello Miss Florence
I saw the photo and i think that is very good, post more things like this one Miss Florence
Martina o

Agostina G said...

Hello Miss Florence
I saw the post in google it was very good, I read something about Robert Bunsen and he was the one who invented the bunsen burner!!

Alex D said...

Helo miss Florence
i sawe that in IT and I surprised and i told to the teacher

francisco.a 6b said...

Hi miss Florence,yes i saw it yestarday. When i saw that picture i was about to play a game.

Clara G said...

Hello Miss Florence, I saw it I liked the drawing and I also read it!!
See you next week!

Julieta T p.chica said...

Hi Florence
It is very nice the way google decing it, with all that lab apparatous.
I really like it
see you next week
Julieta T punta chica

Ana G. Olivos said...

Hello Miss Florence
I saw that image on google, one of the only things I know about Robert Bunsen is that he created the Bunsen Burner.
See you on tuesday.

Matias to said...

Yes i saw the drawing it was very good and i liked doing the work about mr bunsen

juli olivos said...

Hi miss florence!!
When I saw the drawing in google thought that it was a drawing, but then in class you told us that it was science week and hat the lab instruments form the word google!

See you on monday!!!

Federico dr said...

Hi florence I saw it first I couldnt understand it but then I understud Robert bunsen would be very proud of his invention that now is very usefull and famous

Jacques.G said...

Ive seen that and i wanted to inform you!!

guada assorati punta chica said...

hello miss florence
i saw the drawing of google i didn't know that it was for robert bunsen until you told us, he was really famous

Mica B. (pchica) said...

Very good Florence I like this post it took me a time to desifry but that's not the point I think that all those science lab aparatus may be invented By ROBERT BUNSEN see you on monday

Josefina A PChica said...

Hi Miss Florence
I think this icon of google is pretty funny! I liked the posters that we made.
Its the aniversary of the Bunsen burner.
See you soon!

simon.a pchica said...

hi florence!!!
I liked the google doodle of the 200 aniversary of robert bunsen, of all the apparatus
I saw the video of the egg, it was so funny!!
I see you this week
bye bye

Nico.C said...

Hi Miss Florence
I saw the doodle. Robert was a very good scientist and invented a very useful aparatus.

Agustin S Pchica said...

Hy Miss Florence

I liked the google doodle that it was showned.That day was the 200 year aniversary, now im thinking that Robert Bunsen was a very good scientific man

See you

Camille S said...

Hello Miss Florence
I sow the pecutre and it was very intersting and I hope we start with an experiment in school

Camille S said...

Hello Miss Florence
I sow the pecutre and it was very intersting and I hope we start with an experiment in school

santos.B said...

hello mis florence
I saw the google in bunson´s 200 aniversary it is very creative
see you on wdnesday

pilar m said...

Yes I saw it but I am very sorry I couldnt comment

Cata K said...

Hello Florence
I saw that drawing on google.
200 aniversary it is creative
see you tomorow!

juan ignacio S.S. Olivos said...

wow really that happened. thats awsome! i wasnt luky enough to see it but it sounds good.

Belén D said...

Yes I saw it, every time they put something different. I love that, it is very good.

marcos.h said...

hello Florence
i loved the bunsen picture and the blog and i think it will be very useful
marcos h

francisca said...

Hellow Florence I think it is very good because Its grat that google is putting a lot of information about a lot of important people it inform us a lot Frani Pulit

Sofi K said...

Hi Miss Florence!!

I could't see it but like you post it on the blog I could watch it!! It was very decorated!! Thank you for putting this on the blog!! Yesteday, April 12 I saw another google doodle but this time it was from an austronant.

See you!!

Pedro.A said...

Hi miss Florence
I saw the image in google, and did you saw the 50 anniversary of the first man in space?

Yuri Gagarin

Agus T. Olivos said...

Hello Miss Florence!
I saw it, but I didn't look at it so much because we were in IT at that time!! But I remmember that when I saw it was: how interesting, why they have put it? When I read this post I understood everything!!!It was very good drawn and you can see what it was at first sight.
See you


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