Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WINTER HOLIDAYS PROJECT... Make your own salt crystals!

Hello everyone!
We have been observing an experiment about sugar crystals in our labs. Very interesting things have been happening... Wow!

I have a Winter Holidays Project for you... Click on the picture, follow the instructions of the San Diego Natural History Museum... Write a proper Formal Report... Take pictures of what happens, send them to me by mail...  Work with adult supervision...  And...

Win a prize!


Ana G Olivos said...

Hi MIss Florence
this is very good and very intresting, to make a experiment on our ownes (and with an adult supervision.)I hope to do it in the right way.
See you on Tuesday

matias ta pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
WOW! It´s amazing sugar really became crystal.
It`s like ice I really liked it. I really didn`t thought it would became like this

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I loved this project!!! I will start the experiment before I go on Holidays and do the formal report. It will be so much fun doing it!!!

ambar T said...

Hiss miss florence:
great idea! im going to win ... jaja joke , but i will love to! see you next week or on friday..

Tomas S said...

Miss Florence it is a great idea to do this project, because like that we are preparing for doing it allown.

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I would love doing this holiday project!I think that it is a great idea of you giving us a holiday project because we will be able of doing a experiment alone.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I will try to do it because in the Winter holidays i am already going to do experiment.I will also try to do this one.

Valentino P. said...

Hi Florence, this is a very interesting project. I tried doing it and the first time it went out wrong, so I´m going to try it again.
See you when we come back from hollidays.

Sofi C 6A said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I am now going to do the experiment but I realized I don't have any more formal reports so I was wondering if I could use a line page and include all the thing I need to include
See you next Tuesday
Sofi C

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