Saturday, June 25, 2011


Antoine van Leeunwenhoek - a name we have probably never heard before. Did you know he created the first microscope ever? But it did not look like the microscopes we are used to seeing in our labs? Check this video from "How Stuff Works" and post a comment!


Hugo P said...

Miss Florence,
I had seen this in a book but I didnt remember it when I first saw the post. I had expected it to be a huge version of our microscopes today. It was amazing.

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I can´t belive how was done the first microscope and the microscopes that we use now in the lab.I think that the first microscope was very diffrent from the ones that we use now.I can´t understand from where you can see.I hope we can learn more about microscopes in class.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Miss Florence said...

Thank you guys for being the first ones to post! Great to hear from you"! Or better said read...

Luca M said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I didn't knew that the first microscope was invented 1675. In the video its said is heavy although is very samll. It was revolutionary the invention of this microscope because you could see many things that if you try to see them with an eye its impossible to see it.
See you on Monday
Luca M

Nico.C said...

Miss Florence,
I never thought it was so small and heavy.It is very old,I thought it was invented around the 1950.Antoine was very smart.
See you on Wensday.

andy e said...

This guy is amazing, with out his invention now a days we wouldn't have the super advanced microscopes, so thank you Antoine van Leeunwenhoek for inventing the first microscope. When I was in Sebastian class in the unit of microscope he talked a bit of this.

Sofìa V said...

When I first saw the foto I thought it was as big as the ones today but it is tiny. It is amazing how diferent they were to the ones we use today. Also, I didn´t know that the first microscope was invented so long ago.

Clara C said...

Miss Florence
I love this video!! I didn`t know the first microscope was done like that! Antoine van Leeunwenhoek is a very original name! It was very tiny. I thought it would be bigger!! Hope to learn more about microscope in class,

Camille S said...

Hi miss florence,
It was very interest, also is very diferent the tipe of microscopes that is today about the other one, It was the first MICROSCAPE I think I so it one time in a enslaitiopidia but I don`t know it was made many years ago.
See you tomorow

Candela L.S said...

Hellow miss Florance.
It really impresed me. The first microscope is very different like the microscopes we have now.I didnt know it knew they were invented in 1675.
Bye bye hope to see you!

Chloe M. Pchica said...

I didnt knew that they were invented so long ago. I think that that microscope is really different like the ones we use now. The video is very good!

Oli L said...

Hi Florence
I didn´t know that the first microscope was invented in 1675.I would had never known that ther were heavy because as they are so small usually small things are not heavey.It is vey well done and they are very diffrent to the ones of our day.
Oli L and Vicky H

Oli L and Vicky H said...

Hi Florence
I didn´t know that the first microscope was invented in 1675.I would had never known that ther were heavy because as they are so small usually small things are not heavey.It is vey well done and they are very diffrent to the ones of our day.
Oli L and Vicky H

Oli L and Vicky H said...


Mara M pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I can´t imagine that the first microscope was that size. It´s incredible. What patient the man who made it. I can´t believe the tiny hole through were you saw.
See you ! :)

Manu T said...

Miss Florence:
I had never seen how the first microscope was made and I didn´t even think about it. If you´d ask me how the first microscope looked like I would have said something huge or a "socotroco"in spanish.
See you tommorow, Manu T

Alex L pchica said...

Its incredible the size! Its very little and heavy. Its very different to the microscope we use now.

simon alexander pchica said...

hi Florence!!!!

it is amazing!
I thoght that the microscope would be bigger!!!
It was veeeery small!
and the hole where you should seethrough was to veeery small.
It was made of bronze.
the man who made it, Antoine van Leeunwenhoek, was a genious!!
That microscope was very different to the ones we use on the lab

bye bye

Bautista T said...

I did not know what it was because our microscpoes are very differnet but it is the first microscope!!!
I did not know it but now yes.

Tobias.s said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I didnt know that Antonie van Leeunwenhoek created the thirst microscope and in the video sais that it was invented on 1675. And something very inportant i heard in the video was that with that tiny thing but it sais its heavy he saw some firsts microorganisms. He was very inportant for people who like science and succsesful, and with microscopes you can se tiny things that you cannot see with normal eyes.

Ana G Olivos said...

When I read your post I thought that it was a microscope that you use to see the stars, even though they have diffrent names. But when I saw the video I realized that it was a microscope that we use in the lab and the one that we used when we saw the volcanic ash.
See you on Tuesday

mica f pc said...

It is so different as the ones of now a days! Incredible!

guada assorati said...

it is diffrent from the one we have now a dais.
very interesting

matias ta pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
It´s so small and they say it heavy.
Antoine is a very smart person. That microscope is so old more o less 1670 Bye

Agustin. S Pchica said...

Hi Florence !
I didn´t know that the first microscope was invented in 1675.I did not know that it was so heavy.
See you at school.

matias to pchica said...

It is incredible how small and heavy the first microscope was, an it was invented a long time ago

Marcos. H PChica said...

HI Miss Florence
this video is very interesting. I never thought the microscope was going to be small and heavy.
There are very different as ours!!!

santos.b pchica said...

Miss Florence

I didnt know that the first microscope was different than ours now,it was very heavy and small it is very old Antoine was very intelligent of inventing that.


tobiasp pchica said...


its very interesiting it was very small and hevy
it was very old

it was real?

Maxi G Pta Chica said...

it is very weird but it is very good. I always thought that it was created a different way.

Marcos.M pchica said...

Its very good this video, and is incredible the diffrence beetween our microscop and their microscopoe

marcos.estrada said...

super!!!Its so little i like the video with the microns snd bacterea

Nicolas K pchica said...

I always thought that the old microscopes would be bigger than the ones we use now. I think they have nothing in comon than the ones that we use now.
See you at school
Nicolas Karagozian

luca M pchica said...

hi Florence
it's so small and heavy thats wierd!! The one who invented it had a very unusual name.
and it works?

Tomas L pchica said...

Miss Florece,
Its increadible that this was a microscope compared to our lab microscope its very different the way it looks this video is great.
It would be great to work with this to see the different.
Super interesting
See you on wendesday

Anonymous said...

heeelloo florennce
i couldnt velibe that the firts microscopes were made like that!
SOO ¿intresting,,, i thought they were huuuger jejeje
bbyee kisees

anita said...

soooooory the one before its minee

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I had no idea that Antonie van Leeuwenhoek made the first microscope and discovered a cell o tiny animals. Also, he examined a bead of water little world that was filled with creatures that humans could not see. He is famous for discovering bacteria, sperm and protozoa.
The microscopes changed a lot since then. I never thought they looked like that at first. It was amazing to find out that thats how it looked.
See you tomorrow!!

Rocío PR said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I can't belive how small it is comparing with the ones at the lab. It dosen't look heavy like the video said because is to small. Antonie was very smart.
See you in friday

Marcos L said...

Miss Florence
It's amazing!
With the little of technology they had long time ago they could discover a lot of things that nowadays with a lot of technology we still use!
That little microscope is realy amazing and useful, it is tiny (which I thought it would be gigantic) it was heay (not to useful) and most important of all; you could see tiny things, as microscopes do nowadays.
Incredible thing
See you on friday...

Teo V said...

Hi Miss Florence
This is AMAZING when I saw the mocriscope I thought that it was something else but when I read more and It said that It wasa the first one, I said "This is incredible". How did the microscope change and as clara said, I couldn't understand where could you look. It is also very interesting WHEN it was made. In 1675! Long time ago. Although it was very small, the man said it was heavy. There are thousands of changes between our microscopes and that one. Antoine Van Leeunwenhoek was a genius, what a great idea he had!
Teo V Olivos

Matias O said...

Hi Miss Florence
I say the same thing as Andy said if he wouldn't made this little microscope we are not going to see things in the lab.Like the volcano ash.I would never thought of doing such a little thing to see things I would make something more bigger.

Milo.C Olivos said...

This is incredible that this man did the telescope in that year I thought that it was invented more or less in the year 1800-1850.

Mora F said...

Hello Miss Florence!
It is a very good video. It is amazing how the microscopes changed since that day to today!I didn't know that the first microscope was invented 1675. I see it is small and very heavy.
See you
Mora F

justo l said...

WHen I saw the picture a thought that those microscopes were bigger. How could someone see so much with a microscope so small? IT is asmazing how they changed to be what they are now.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Florence
What an incredible post when I first saw the photo of the first microscope I thought that it would be big, but then when I saw it in the video it was very little.
I never in my life had heard the name:Antoine van Leeunwenhoek and I never knew that he had inven ted the first microscope. It is incredible how water look us and how other microrganims look us. I didn't understand how could he look them in that tiny microscope.
Have nice holidays Clara V .

Tizi D. PChica said...

When I first saw the picture it was something totally new to me! I felt intrigue and went to your blog then I became really surprise to see it was a microscope and that being so small compared to nowadays microscopes, it was so heavy!