Tuesday, August 23, 2011



This piece of information was forwarded to me by a friend (Thanks Y!) ... Amazing!

The yellow bubbly substance is actually yeast (levadura) used to make lager in Europe (mmm... anyone knows what lager is???????) which had been thought to be original from there... But they have found its origin being down South in OUR PATAGONIA, and not in Europe!!!
To find out further, please click on the image and read the article... Comments are welcomed!!   


Agus T said...

Hi Miss Florence!
If I am not wrong, lager is beer,and it's made with yeast, that you've said was found in Patagonia. That are really news, because although I didn´t know I wasn´t familiar at ALL with that trees!And thinking that, they said, they might be other species of trees of yeast in Patagonia, that is a great news.
See you!
Agus T 6A olivos

Mara M pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
Yes, I know what lager is, it's a type of beer.
Europe must be angry with this discovery.
Now it's ours!! :)
See you tomorrow.

Teo V Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence, this looks like a very interesting thing, that "flower" is AMAZING, it is very weird. Although I saw it when I went to Patagonia some years ago, it is amazing!! But I don't remember almost anything, I only remember that I saw a wierd thing that was like that. And lager is a type of beer that has yeast! It is a very interesting and good news.
See you tomorrow!

Chloe M Pchica said...

Hi miss florence,
I think lager is a tipe of beer, that is served cold. It is fantastic that now in Patagonia there is this plant or thing that produces beer. I'm very joyful, although I don't like beer!
See you tomorrow!
CHloe Martin

Tizi D PChica said...

Yeast makes lager and lager is a type of beer that, apparently is found now in Patagonia! The Patagonian people will surely be happy to have beer in their own forest that didn't seem to be very meaningful to them. This is an important discovery and another product to export (may be not in Europe because they have).

Juana Otaño 6 c olivos said...

Wow, miss Florence, when I saw this image I got scared, jeje, but when I read the information I was O.K and I knew what it was, see you on tuesay!

Juana Otaño 6 c olivos

Sofía V pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence!
I didn't know what lager is but I searched in google and I discovered it was beer. I suppose the people in Patagonia are very pleased with the discovery. I was surprised when I saw the foto because I never saw such a strange plant.
See you soon!

Olivia L Pchica said...

Hi Florence
I knew that lager is a type of beer. But i did not know that it came from the Patagonia.
Thatks for sharing the knews with us. See you
Oli Lanusse

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I did not know what lager was so I seached it on google and I found out it was beer.Europe must be very angry with the discovery because now it is ours.I never had seen that plant.
See you tomorrow!
Clara G

ambar t said...

Hi miss florence:
I like the strange shape of it! it is amazing!! you always put interestin things in the blog!! I learn a lot with it! see you tomorrow!

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