Saturday, August 20, 2011


My son found this video, and I thought it was a good idea to share it with you... maybe you can try it at home... if your mum lets you!


Agus T said...

Hi Miss Florence!
That[s a really good domino effect! I once tried to do it when I was little with my brothers and my cousins, but it didn't turn out.. While I was was watching I thought "How many time did the person spend doing the domino, if I had done it it would have fell before I even started it!" Although, I don't know if the would let me to do it all over the house!jaja
See you!
Agus T 6A Olivos

Miss Florence said...

Hi Agus! You are right... It takes too long to make! But it is fun... Have a great weekend!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
It is really amazing the domino effect.It must have taken long hours to put all the things.But then when you finish it is fun to see it.It was extremly large that domino effect.I think that I would not me allowed to do that in my house.
See you on Wenesday!
Clara G

andy e said...

Is awesome this domino fall. Is very long and all is perfectly well made. I think how much time does the person had spent to make it. I think is impossible but is possible.

Mara M pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
That´s a really good domino effect!!
I would like to know how much time they spent doing it and redoing it.
It´s awsome.
I sopose the girl´s had a lot of fun but didn´t have fun when they had to clean the domino.
Poor man passing if I were him I would be very suprised.
See you tomorrow!!
Mara M pchica

gonzalo c said...

I thought it was imposible to make such a domino effect that ocupies all your house. Also I cant believe that it was 3 min long!!!
The bad part of it is that you make a mess all over your house you need a lot of books, cds, cards, etc to do it, it takes a lot of time and you have to clean all the mess you made.

simon alexander pchica said...

hi Florence
that domino was realy cool!
I think that the ones who made that awsome domino where from some shop or from a company because there were a lot of things in the domino that were repeated a hundred times.I will try to do it at home...
I usually do it with dominos, not with books,exc.
when I was watching the video, I thought it was not true.
I liked the last part, it was very funny.
See you tomarrow.
bye bye.


Sofia V pchica said...

Hi miss Florence
This domino effect was amazing! One I tried doing it but it fell down before I finished. My brother was watching when I looked at it and he was amazed. Maybe I try it again.
See you soon

Nico k pc said...

It was an awesome video. They spent a lot of effort in it. If I tried after three things I put I would get bored.
See you

matias ta pchica said...

His Miss Florence
is very long, but great, now they have to do it all again to see it again, but in one part it did it wrong

Tomas S said...

Miss florence its amazing the video I could not believe how they make that and it also very long to make. Its very fun!!!!!

Teo V Olivos said...

Hello Miss Florence
Tell your son that it is an AWESOME VIDEO it is amazing, how long and perfect it was, I made one that lasted 10 seconds, this one TWO MINUTES and it went UP the stairs, it is amazing. I am sure it took them like 4 days more or less, but it woths it. It must be very fun watching that effect of the domino!
See you tomorrow
Teo V 6a Olivos

Alex L pchica said...

Hi Florence
Its amazing how long this domino effect is. The best part is the final when a man is hit by a ball. I ejoy it alot.

mora.f said...

It is really amazing the domino effect. Is very long and all is perfectly well made.I sopose the girl´s had a lot of fun but didn´t have fun when they had to clean the domino.
See you tomorrow
mora.f 6a pchica


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