Saturday, August 27, 2011


For us to understand what is happening in that area of the world...


Oli Lanusse 6ºA Pchica said...

Thanks for the knews. I´ve heard already about the Hurricane Irene. I heard that some houses were with out electricity. I olso heard that a man was killed because they told him not to go out of his house and he did not obey, he went out and a branch of a tree fall ontop of him. I also heard that the airplanes were canseled. At the beggining i did not know what a Hurricane was but i serch for it and i found it.
See you at school.
Oli Lanusse

Roxie said...

Miss Florence,
When I heard that there a hurricane in the east coast, I was worried because my father told me that it was in Virginia, where I lived, close to where my grandparents live. But I think that they are okay and everything is fine.
See you tomorrow.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Florence!
I've alreday heard a LOT of the Irene, and as Oli did, I also heard about the man who was killed in Carolina del Norte. I was also worried with my family because although the Irene is in USA, my uncle lives in CA, very near of NY, and we thought it would get there. Fortunately, a few hours ago, we talked with him, and he said that he was fine. The Irene would get there, but to the coast, and nothing would happen because not so many people live in the coast. What yes would happen is that there would be a lot of wind!
See you!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I had heard about the hurricane in the east coast before.My father told me that the airplanes where canseld and that there where a lot of houses with out electricity but he said that it was not so terrible.
See you tomorrow!
Clara G

Manuel.B said...

I found out this a bit long ago, since then, it has been downgraded to "tropical storm" but I still think it's dangerous due to the man who died.
I was pretty worried at first because the hurricane would hit Washington DC, where my sister lives and studies, but after it got downgraded to hurricane category 1 I wasn't so concerned.
my mum went to the US and left the day earlier that it hit, I guess she was lucky, but if you get hit by an earthquake & a hurricane in the same week, you aren't.
anyway, thanks for the update.

Sofía V. pchica said...

Miss Florence,
I had heard about the hurricane in the east coast before and my father told me about the man that was killed. I liked wathing this video and I learnt a lot. Thank you for ponsting it.
See you at school

joaquin c said...

it was an catastrophe

Ambar T said...

Hi miss florence!
I heard something about it! Its really worring! I hope everybody is fine because usa is a great country!
sorry I didnt blog before I wasnt home scince saturday!

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