Thursday, September 1, 2011

TIME HAS A LOT TO DO... HAS EVERYTHING TO DO! The false start of Usain Bolt...

This is what such little time can do to a man that depends on it...

Do you know how much time before he started running? Find out!


Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I have seen that he started running first than everyone but I don´t know how many seconds before.I have repeated that part many times to see how many seconds he ran before everyone and I think that it could have been 1 or 2 seconds.I am not good at measuring time.But thank you for sharing this video with us.
See you on Monday!!
Clara G

mica f pchica said...

I think it was 1 second

joaquin c said...

hello mis florence I saw bolt he is pro he runs like me jajajajajajaj

joaquin c said...

but he is a cheater he started before

joaquin C said...

everybody wants to win for 1 decimal more this level is so competitive that runners end up making these type of mistakes.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Florence:

I had to see two times when he went out because I didnt see anything. He realized very quickly that he went before he is fast in eveything. My dad explained to me about the false start that they have to calculate the miliseconds and all that and that before there was a second chance but jow they take it. I can believe USAIN BOLT was DESCUALIFIED from a RACE.

It has been a long while I dont comment on this blog But I already commented the two post that are under this one

marcos l said...

I have seen the race in vivo and the comentarists said a lot of posibilities of why he started first.
The most of what they said is that he was very nervous.

Sofia V pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
I've watched this video and I have noticed that there is a little cronemeter that counts the seconds. So, I paused the video when he started and I realized that he started 0.5 second before the rest. Thank you for sharing this video with us.
Sofia V.

Cande said...

Hi miss Florence I think it was 1 second that he started running before, it was difficult to discover how many seconds. See you on Tuesday!
Cande L S

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Florence
I searched for the exact time, but it didn´t appear! I tried to count but I agree with Mica and Cande that it´s very difficult to count. But I think it was almost a second..
See you!
Agus 6A olivos

Olivia L Pchica said...

Hi Florence. I realised that he started before, like 1 second or less. Thaks for shraing the video.
Oli L

matias to pchica said...

hello florence:
I think he started 1 second before
Poor him, he is the worlds fastes runner and he was disqualified!!

Tizi D Pchica said...

When the man started running first and the starting signal was heard second, I wasn´t able to count the seconds, or milliseconds, but it was really clear that he started before-time. Although it is one second, everything counts in the winning because, if they hadn´t marked the false start, the man would had crossed the line one second before another man, may be, but he would win. So, it would be the same if the difference of the starting would be 5 or 1 or 0,30 seconds because this man would have advantage and it wouldn´t be fair.

santino said...

Hi miss florence
It is incredible that usain bolt makes a false start when he is the fastest runner in the world

RocĂ­o PR, Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence,
Poor him! He train a lot and then he start less than one second before the race started and he was disqualified! I think that the rules are very strict because they could start the race again. That shows you that the time in some occasions are very important, although that was is less or more than one second. Thank you for sharing the video!!
See you

Tomas .G said...

I think he was so anxious to win that he started before.There is a very big diffrence when you are talking about racing with proffecionals .
Anyway i think he started half a second before everybody

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I think it was less than one second, he started a little bit before but how you said,everone nows he is fast, VERY FAST!!
See us,

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Ale,
This also shows that even less than one second conts, like on phisics EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!

Jacques. G said...

0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001 ( i presume)

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Florence

That man has alot of bad luck I cant belive that because of some milly secons he was discualafied eaventhow you almoust did not see the diference and everybody Knew that he was going to win , that dosent seem fair but thous were the rules

See You


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