Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hi there!
I thought you`d like to enjoy this great pictures of the inside of waves taken by photographer Clark Little... I can`t imagine myself inside there! Have you ever surfed? Do you have any stories to share?
 Click on the image to start watching the different ones he´s taken.


Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
It is amazing how he can take pictures of the inside waves.I have never sufed in my life.But my brother did have classes for surfing.I cant imagen how the photographer takes those pictures.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Anonymous said...

Hi Clara! I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for your comment!

Chloe M Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
The pictures are incredible!
Im sure the photographer is profetional taking pictures. I cant imagine how the photographer can get inside the wave and take so good pictures...
See you soon,
Chloe Martin

ambar t said...

Hi miss florenece.
I never had the opportunity to surf but I always wanted to. I have a picture that im 3 years old in a lake doing like if im surfing!
see you tomorrow

Sofia V pchica said...

Wow! I loved them. They´re amazing. It must be really fun to be inside a wave. Se you soon
Sofi V.

Olivia L Pchica said...

This pictures are realy good. I am realy impressed. I did now that waves like those could exist. It would be fantastic to be inside of those. See yo.
Oli L

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