Sunday, August 14, 2011


Can you tell me who he was? List 10 facts about his life on a sheet of paper with your name, class and hand it in by August 26th. Have you any idea how this man or his life is related to me???????
This is a compulsory activity!!!!


Teo V said...

Hi Miss Florence
I don't know if he is related to you because he is famliliar to you or maybe you inspired yourself with this man that studied science in general like you did. I have been looking in google to see if their is any relation, but I couldn't find any. :(

Sofi G said...

Hi Miss Ale I already found the 10 important facts I don't know if he is related I think you are related because you inspired and studied similar things.

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I will look for this person. He seems very intresting.
Maybe he was a scientist.
Maybe he created a aperature.
See you tomorow!!

Pedro.A said...

Because his name is Florentino and you are Florence

Pedro.A said...

Maybe he waas born the same day and month that you did semptember 18

Pedro.A said...

Because your son wants to be a paleontologist or maybe he died the same day and month you were born.

Marcos L said...

I found some facts about him and in a web site I found the same photo as you have posted.

Marcos L said...

As I have found he was the first and greatest figure of argentine science.

Miss Florence said...

aha! I see that you are great at guessing! Only one person so far is right... But I won´t tell you who it is!!!!!!

Agus T 6A said...

Hi Miss Florence!
A visible thing in common is the name, another might be the profession of your older son that is a paleonthologist, or the date of birth that maybe is special to you. Maybe you inspired yourself in him to choose what you wanted to be, maybe he is a familiar of yours,I´m not sure, I´m brainstorming and guessing.. mostly, I have the same ideas as everyone.. I have other ideas but I'll continue looking..
Agus T 6A

Francisco I said...

Miss Florence:
1.He was born in Lujan.
2.He was died on La Plata.
3.His fathers were born on Italy.
4.He was a scientific.
5.He had a brother called Carlos.
6.He was a teacher.
7.He was the biggest if her brothers.
8.They do a monument in honor of him.
9.He discover "fosiles"
10.He was born in 1854 and died on 1911.
See you tomorrow

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I think that this man has something to do with you. Maybe it has to do with science or that your birthdays are the same days.I looked in google and i found the ten facts about him.
See you tommorow!
Clara G

Matias O said...

Hi Miss Florence
I suppose you are connected to him: you have the same root of the name Florentino and Florence the other connection that I found is that he was a science professor and he liked the investigation like you.

Lourdes I said...

Hi miss Florence
I dont know why is he relationeted with you, maybe because he inspires you. I already made the page. Hand it to you tomorrow.

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