Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello Everyone!
This gentleman introduced a great change in the world...
Find out about him by writing ten facts on a sheet of paper to hand in by SEPTEMBER 16th. As usual, the sheet of paper should go in the corresponding bag you will find on my desk at both schools. In what way is this inventor related to our country?


Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
Today I am going to do the compulsary activity.I think that he has to do something with physics that we are going to learn.I imagen that he had invented something for the world.
See you on Tuesday!
Clara G

Tobias Allende 6B said...

Hi miss florence
i have a quetion, isnt it ladislao biro? Thank you,

Teo V Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence
This man looks like a very interesting man and very intelligent! I hope he made something good for humanity.

Olivia L Pchica said...

Hi Florence. When I put in google his name it appears it with s and the z. See you

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Florence:

I have already make the list. I never saw the people from Punta Chica Blog in your blog.

Lou I said...

Hi Miss Florence:
I think that man was very intelligent and that, as Teo said, he looks very interesting. I think that he did something related to chemistry.

matias.c.6c said...

hi miss florence, when i first saw the name lazlo biro i felt it was familliar how it sounded and after was when i realized it was from birome. Even dough it wasnt as big invention such as cars, we all now that a birome is a very usefull and important tool for working so i think that he was very inteligent of thinking about inventing a plastick wich squirts liquid

Bianca F Olivos 6C said...

Hi Miss Florence
Now that I really know who is Laslo Biro, I know where the "Birome". At th beggining I wondered thinking "Is he the one who invented the "Birome?" Now I know the answer to that question.
See you tomorow.

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