Thursday, October 20, 2011


 This must be watched several times! It is great!


Tobias Allende 6B said...

dear florence,
this video is very good! i cant believe it, the drop it seems that it bounces on water because once it went into the water it went up again, also the splash that is produced by the drop is like a perfect circle!
see you soon,
tobias.a 6b

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
You are right,this video is great.It is incredible when you watch the drop in slow motion,how it bounces and goes up and down.I have never realized that a drop of water could do that.I have watched several times and it was incredible.I hope that you can put more videos like this ones.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Juan de G said...

the video was great. it was very good. when the drop goes into the water it comes out again once.

Marcos L said...

Miss Florence:
It is very cool to see how the drop falls on the water and comes out again.

Tomas.G said...

Hi Miss Florence,
WOW, that video is o cool!!!!
Its like the drop goes to the water and then tries to get out but the water sucks it in.I think it would be so cool to see a lot of drops at the same time .
see you tomorow!!!!

Sofia V. Pchica said...

Hi miss Florence
When I watched this video I was impressed because, who would imagine a drop of water did so many interesting things when it fell.
Thankyou for posting

Nicolas K Pchica said...

It is amazing how the drop bounces. We never pay attention to this things

Nico.C Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
It is amazing how the red drop gets in it mixes with the other water and then comes out in the shape of a drop.
See you

Federico D said...

Hi miss Florence,
I realy liked this video, it is amazing how the drop did as a basketball and bounced on the liquid
I realy liked them all
continue putting this cool videos
Fede d

Mara Pchica said...

This video is awsome. I didn´t knew that a drop would go up and down so much times. I have watched it a lot of times.

matias to Pchica said...

Wow that was Incredible. how can that happen?what is that red thing?

Alex L pchica said...

WOW Its awsome i cant belive it!
The drop was going bigger to smaller and splashs!

Marcos.estrada pchica said...

OMG that was soo cool the water looks like a croun

Oli L.,Chlowi M. and Vicky H. pchica said...

Hi florence
This video is very good!!
it looked like if it was a red ball bouncing in water . thank you again
see you in class

simon.a pchica said...

Hi miss Florence
I was so amazed when I saw that video.I couldn´t believe what I saw!
The drop bounced and transformed in a little drop and bounced again and more little and again and again...
I was really impressed
see you tommorrow
bye bye

Ambar T said...

nitylenHi Miss Florence:
Graet video! I liked to see how the drop went in the water and out again! the other day I read the questions in the class and I started to awnser them but I couldn´t
see you tomorrow

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