Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh, Wow!!!!!! More water in Slow Motion!!!

Now this shows how the previous video might have been made... This is from a programme called Time Warp. I found it eye opening!


Matías Td pchica said...

This is so interesting you can see. How it bounses sometmes Lora and sometí es 1 or 2

It is amazingP

Matías Td pchica said...

This is so interesting you can see. How it bounses sometimes lots and sometimes 1or 2

Sorry because Lora and sometí es
It was an error

nicolas K Pchica said...

I love the part where the two drops crash and forms like a mashroom. It is amazing

Nico.C Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
Like it said in the video this is art.I loved the part when the two drops meet each other.I couldnt understand why they placed red paper.
See you

juanchi said...

Hello Miss. Florence
Its amazing the shape it does when the water drop splashes into the water.

Josefina A. PChica said...

Hi Miss Florence
That strange type of tree is incredible! I liked the part of the drops that crashed to each other.

Oli L.,Chlowi M. and Vicky H. pchica said...

Hi florence
we loved the video !!!!
it is very interesting
we (chlowi oli and vicky)are watching the videos together
thets why the coments say chlowi oli and vicky.

Tizi D PChica said...

Very interesting! It is awesome to see this in slow motion, you can observe the droplet falling down and sinking into the water and then springing out into the air. Although photographing water might sound funny, it is very interesting.

luca m pchica said...

its so awsome I love when a drop falls over an other one and it forms like a flower.

tobiaspphcica said...


it´s just beautyfull
its perfect i have never seen before

Mora F. Pchica said...

WOW! Very interesting. I like when the two drops crashh! This is defenatly artttt!
amazing thank you

tomas S said...

Miss Florence is amazing the shape I injoyed allot this video. I injoyed allot this videos

Manuel.B olivos said...

wow, what a great video
it shows that even a drop of water can be cool in slomo
thanks for the video!!

Mica B pchica said...

Hi florence,
I loved this video and when they show yoy the drops in slow motion WOW that was trully impresive! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!


Taken from! Great way to get to know our skies!