Thursday, November 10, 2011


This crack was discovered by Nasa scientists by chance...


simon.A pchica said...

hi florence
i think this notice is incredible, it´s amazing!
the crack that they found is enormous!...
so long!
I never thought that could happen.
And also the artic ice is melting so rapidly!
6 meters per year!
i liked the video
see you next week
have a nice weekend
bye bye


Anonymous said...


Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I have seen the video and it is amazing.I have heard this notice a few days ago.I can tell that the crack that the crack that they had found was very big.My mother had told me about this notice I will try to ask her more things about this so that I can found out more and tell you.
I hope that you can put other amazing video like this ones!
See you on Monday!
Clara G

andy e said...

Oh incredible. I like the fact Nasa discovered it and not another one. T didn't know that nasa made those things of flying throuth the Antartica. Well it is incredible the fact of the massive crack.
see you

Eugenia.F Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence
WOW!! How amazing, is incredible!! Beside that the artic is meltic very quickly and that is not so amazing..... We can see this incredible video but that is nature falling. Thank you for sharing this video!! Is really incredible and also a little bit to reflect.
See you,

JULI.T pchica said...

THAT CRACK IS GIANT,it is something incredible the ice is melting so quickly 6 meter per year!!
it is really interesting...

Tobias.S said...

Hi Florence
This video was incredible. I cant believe how in each year it looses six meters per year.
That´s a lot!!!!!
Bye Florence
See you when you come back of you trip
Tomorrow we hand in the homeqork about Marie Courie.

Francisco I said...

Miss FLoenece
I think that the artic in a few days is going to be destroyed comple because all years there are some enormous cracks
With respect to the video i like and i have a lot of pain.
See you tomorrow

Matias To Pchica said...

Hello Florence
The Crack the Nasa found was so large
Also the arctic is melting so quickly I cant believe it See you next week
Matias to pchica

Azul said...

That is really impressive... As the guy in the video said, you've got to be at the right place and the right time, since Antartica itself is so huge! I really do belive that in the coming years, if the golbal warming get worse, which I think it will, scientists will try to descover, or even invent a device that can stop this crack. If you put youself to think about it... it can be a massive problem...


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