Monday, November 7, 2011


Investigate in twos or threes who was Marie Curie, who appears in today`s Google Doodle. Hand it in till Wednesday 16th November, and win house points! It should be written on a lined sheet of paper, by hand, with both names and your houses.


Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I right away investigate Marie Curie. When today I was in google and I sa, o who is Marie Curie, i wonder to know....
See you,

Matias said...

I googled marie curie and found that she was the first woman to win the nobel prize and the only person to win it twice.
her i found a very good page witch showes all her biographie.

Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Florence
I heard a lot of people talking about marie curie, but I dont know who she is, I THINK ILL INVESTIGATE HER...

Joaquin.C said...

I was looking in a page on internet and I saw that marie curie was born november 7 1867. She married pierre Curie they met themselfs in the university.

She was interested in different discoveries and he began studying uranium radiations.

Tizi D PChica said...

When I saw the Marie Curie photo in google, I wondered who she was and I remembered I had seen a video with my father and it said something about penisiline... I am going to keep on investigating.

Mora F pchicaaa said...

Hello Florence!
I looked for marie curie in google and I found that she was the first women that won the novel price. And I also found that she won 2 novel prices!
okay bye bye Miss Florence see you.

anitapunta chica said...

Hi Florence
I looked for Marie Curie and i found that she was the first woman to win the nobel prize and also that she was the only person to win it two times.

candela .l said...

Hello miss florence i found a lot of information:Marie Skłodowska-Curie (7 November 1867 – 4 July 1934) was a Polish-French physicist and chemist famous for her pioneering research on radioactivity. She was the first person honored with two Nobel Prizes[1]—in physics and chemistry.
I was very impresive!
see you

Matias To P Chica said...

Hi miss florence
the other day I was in and Google and I saw that Marie Sklodowska Curie Would be 144 years old because she was born in Warsaw, Poland, on 7 November 1867,She was the fifth child of Bronislawa and Wladyslaw Sklodowski. She died in 4 July 1934.
She was a chemist and a physicist.
She won 2 Novel prizes

joaquin sotelo p chica said...

i found that she is the Professor of General Physics in the Faculty of Sciences

micaf puntachica said...

I found out that marie curie was the first woman to win a noble prize! She won two of them.

Clara C p chica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I googled marie curie and I found out that she was the first woman to win the nobel prize, she was the only person who won it two times! Marie Curie received the early scientific training because her father was a physics teacher.

Matias T.D. pchica said...

Hi miss Florence
I found in google that she was the first girl to win the novel prize. I also found that she was born in Warsaw a country that I really did not know it existed
matias T.D.

Matias T.D. pchica said...

Sorry Warsaw is a city that i do not know

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I would really like to investigate bout Marie Curie.I like when you tell us to list ten facts about a person so that we can learn and meet you new people that we did not met before.I will ask someone in my class if they want to do this wonderful piece work with me.I hope that you can put another piece of work after the school finishes!
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Bianca F Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence
I think Marie Curie is a very important women for Science. I can`t wait anymore. I want to research now!!!
See you tomorrow.

Marcos.M pchica said...

Dear Miss Florence,
Can i do it alone?
Because i am in home because i am sick.

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