Thursday, May 12, 2011


Yes... Today the world´s first computer turned 70... But the account of its presentation is really interesting! Very few believed it would get far... Little did they know! You can read an interesting article about this on La Nación online at

This first computer fit in Conrad Zuse´s parent´s living room close to 1938...
CHALLENGE:  Can you write 10 interesting facts about the life of this man on a sheet of paper and hand it to me before Friday, May 27th?


Ambar T said...

MIss florence:
THe coputer has 70 years!!?? i didn't know!!
increadible! I thought it had less years!
Each time i learn more and more in this site!
bye see you on monday

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence,
It is amazing that the computer has 70 YEARS!!!! Like Ambar said it is incredible!! I will read the post of the 70 year old computer and will hand in the paper on Monday!! Have a nice weekend.

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Ale:

That computer has 70 years I thought it has much less years like 55 or 50, but 70 what??? that computer can record 64 words I only thinked that it was a machine for imprent with a screen. It can also do calculations!!!!!! It very surprising what bad that it was destroyed the Z3.

See you tommorow.

Sofi K Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence:

I can´t belive it!! The computer has 70 years!! WOW!! I had no idea!!

Hugo P said...

Miss Florence
If it is 70 years old, was it used in world war II?

Miss Florence said...

Aha Hugo!
You´ve got a great point! I invite you to find out... And share!!!!!

Ana G olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence
How fast the time passes!!!!
Now the computer has 70 years, that is a very long time.
See you on Tuesday
Ana G

Clara G said...

Hi Miss _Florence
I never knew that the computer was 70 years old! It is incredible! Like Ambar Said every day I learn more from this site.
See you next week!
Clara G

Sofi G said...

Wow I thought the computer was invented in less time that 70 years!!! how intelligent he was about thinking about this machine!!!
I learn a lot here like chemistry is connected with cooking and lots more this is very interesting thanks!!!! See you tomorrow!!!

Luca M said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I cant belive that the computer is 70 years old!! I think that the people that felt that change was incredible.
See you Miss Florence

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Florence:
Wow its amazing, the computers haves 70 years!!! I didnt know!! its increadible I thought it haved like no more than 30 years!!! Thank you for sharing this to us!!! I am happy cause now I could learn a knew thing, and also I can share it with my family!!!
See us on monday,
Euge F

Sophia O olivos said...

Hi Florence
I didn´t kow that a computer had so much years as 70 it is amazing!!!! Each time I learn more and more in this science site thank you see you on monday

Sophia O.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Florence,
God bless the man who invented the computer. I wouldn't be writing this if it wasn,t for him. The computer is so old 70 years alive, a computer?
Thank you for showing us this post.
See you tomorow!!!

Clara V said...

Miss Florence,
What an interesting new,I never thought that the computer had 70 year, i agree with ambar for me the computer had less years.It is incredible how the computer had evoluced, and I don't even imagene how do people does them. For me this invention should be very important to the word because now a days we do almost everything with them.
See you on Thursday
Clara V 6A

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Florence!
70 YEARS!!!!!!WOOOW!!! Impressive!!I had no idea, nor I imagined that the invention already had that amount of years!
But it seems, that, as Ambar said, with this blog you learn more each day!
I admit, that now in these days is very difficult to do things without the computer, I think that the computer, (and I must add the telephone), is one of the best inventions!
So, if it has 70 years already, in 2041 it will have a century!

I was investigating, and the first cellphone, that was big, and expensive was made 38 years ago. The smaller ones were made 28 years ago, and they were more economic.
I discovered a huge difference of years, and I've been searching, and the computer was invented much before TV. My conclusiion was: computer is very old, older than many other famous inventions!!!
See you on Thursday, hope you enjoy your short holidays!

Agustina T Olivos said...

the comment above was mine!!
Agustina T olivos

Conrado MF Olivos 6a said...

I can´t imagine what it would look like. Looking now a day´s computer you stay shocked, their awsome. Its funny cause they keep on inveting funny stuff that are not sooo usefull sometimes. Lke covers or samller computer.

Benjamin.p said...

THE COMPUTER HAS 70 YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought it was a reasent invention. Every time I enter this blog I learn very interesing things.

Lourdes I said...

I really cant think that the COMPUTER had been invented 70 years ago!

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