Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Amazing Insects Dew Drop Photography

Do you know what MACROPHOTOGRAPHY is? It is photographing very small objects with a macro lens, a special lens that fits into cameras in order to photograph very small things!
I found these pics... they are simply amazing!


Matias C said...

wow what is that it looks like a rainbow because of its colours very fun foto.
It looks like if it is made of diamonds.

SilvestreB said...

I like that photo very colorful.

mati said...

wow miss florence I never thought that some insects can be all sarrounded by water drops.IT is amazing what the planet can show to us.

Matias O said...

last comment was mine

Franco S said...

Hello Miss Florence:

Wow I thought that that thing was a little cricket who has been painted.

See you tommorow

Tomas S said...

Miss Florence that insect is increadible it is amazing what the world can show as, allso the insect was very coulerfull.
What a nice photo!!!!!

juli Ch Olivos said...

Hi miss Florence:
What a nice photo!
I like all the colours that it has!!!

Ariana G. said...

Hello Miss Florence,
This is such an amazing picture!! With these lens, you can see everything!! Even the littlest thing that sometimes we cant see. In this picture you can see all the different patterns the insects has.

Conrado MF Olivos 6a said...

Well that was preety amazing it was awsome but disgusting really impressing. Looks like a drawing not a photo taken by prepared cameras.
One question did they took this photo with the same they made the short film?

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
This is an amazing picture!The photo is very colorful I love it!
See you next week,
Clara G

Hugo P said...

Miss Florence
I never knew that insects had so much dew on them. It maust be very difficult to move with all that water on you when you are so small.

vicky.b olivos said...

OH my god what is that!!
It is very colourfull and it is very nice!!
have a nice week vicky

Sophia O. said...

Hi Florence
I did't know that insects are sorrounded by water and the picture is very good I love the colours

Clara V said...

Hi Miss Florence,
What an incredible insect it is very colourfull, and when I first looked at it it remind me a dragonfly. The camera wich they took this photograph should be very special because I think that none of us can see deas without any zoom.
See you Clara V 6A olivos

matias c said...

wow miss florence, it looks like if the ant was magnified with rain drops its really cool

Tomas .G said...

Those colours realy light up on that insect. I never thought insects hold so much water of diffrent colours.

Benjamin.p said...

wow what is that it looks like a rainbow because of its colours very fun foto.
It looks like if it was insect made of diamonds.

Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Florence
Wow So cool, funny photo!! I am sure he haved made a lot of effort by doing it cause it isnt so easy to do it.
See us,

Gonzalo C said...

woow it is amazing how the tegnology advance more and more!!!
The foto is very fun and colorful.

Manu T said...

Miss Florence:
WOW!! Those photos are amazing. The ones I most liked were the one of the catterpilar and the one of the dragonfly close up. All the photos were so colourful!
See you tomorrow.
Manu T

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