Friday, June 3, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Since we found the boiling point of cooking oil, and we spoke about oil in class, I thought I should share this video with you...

HOMEWORK: For June 15th - Hand in a sheet of paper with your name, and list 10 things you learnt from this video! Please place it on my desk! Thank you!



Ernestina P. said...

Miss Florence,
Very interesting the video I made the list with ten things I have learnt from the video!
If this is going to be are new unit I would be very anxious!!
P.D maybe I have some errors on the writing because I couldn't understand how to write the words that the man on the video said..
Ernestina P.

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Florence,
what an interesting video I learnt a lot of things about oil that I didnt knew. Somethings you said them in the class. when these men said some things about oil it made me remember about the class that we had on thursday, I imagene the experiment.
See you Clara V 6A olivos

Miss Florence said...

Super Girls! Glad you are the first! Don´t worry in this case about spelling mistakes...

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I watched the video about oil and it was VERY interesting because there were things that I didn't know them and like Clara said, some you said in class. I did the homework and wrote ten facts that caught my attention.
See you on Monday!!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I wathced the video and I have learned alot of things about the oil that I didn´t knew before.I hope we can do the experiment again because we were in the middle of the experiment.The temperature was going really high.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

juan ignacio S.S. said...

thanks for the mail if not i would not kow we had to do that.

sincirely iñaki

andres kw said...

Thanks for the mail I like It a lot thankyou
see you next class

Miss Florence said...


Matias c said...

wow i really think that if anyonecould start with these changes it would be much better

Marcos L said...

Thanks for reminding us of this homework.
When you sent us this mail, you sent us an attachment, what is it?
See you on Tuesday.

Tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I learnt a lot and it was so intresting.Too bad i could not learn a lot because i was apsent the day you spoke about oil. When you mix oil and the other mixters it turns into a lot of diffrent colors.
See you tomorow !!!

Tomas S said...

I inyoed allot the video I learnt allot of things but what it was the attachment that you send as in the mail.
See you on Tuesday!!!!!!!

Matias o said...

Miss florence
Thankn you a lot if you wount sent mails for The homework i Williams forget It.
What is The attachment you send us like a mailbox that moves????????

Sofí K Olivos said...

Miss Florence:

I liked the video alot! The only thing is that like Ernestina I may have some mista es on the words because I couldn't. Listen well.

See you on Tuesday!!

vicky b olivos said...

hi miss florence
i will have A LOT of errors because there were some words that i didnt undersud so i gused of what word it was !!
have a nice week

Teo V said...

Hello Miss Florence
As Ernestina said, a very interesting video, and me too, I couldn't understand some oil names that the man said, but I made a list.
Can it bee writen in computer?

Agus T Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence!
It was a very interesting video!! I could learn many other facts I din't know apart from all you have told us in class!
As everybody said, I might have mistakes in writing because the words the man said were not so clear.
Thanks for sending us a mail so we could look for the homework in the blog, it was very useful for me.
See you on Monday!

Lourdes I said...

I already have the page ready, il hand it to you on monday, i liked a lot the video.
I discovered that BIODIESEL is very interesting, my father explained it to me really well!!!!

Lucas E said...

Hi Florence!
I enjoyed a lot this video and I´ve learnt a lot about oils and biodiesel

Francisco I said...

Miss Ale
the video was very interesting,i had made the list of the 10 facts that i have learnt of the vio dessel.

Lourdes I said...

In my opinion, i think that biodiesel is PURE oil! It is incredible how does this man know so much about oils and biosiesel (i say it because of in the video the man talks alot about DIFFERENT KINDS OF OILS!

Sophia O olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence,
this video was super interesting I learnt a lot about oil and biodiesel. The things that the man said were very interesting.

See you

Sofi G said...

I already did the list but I couldn´t understand some things and some words may be wrong cause I couldn´t understand so much but voice of the man was very familiar I think it was of a video of hardware we saw in IT
and thanks for the mail

tobias.s said...

Hi Miss Florence,
Very interesting video but i didnt understand a little bit how the man spoke and some words but anyways I learnt a lot of new things about oil and what is biodiesel and how it is made and can I ask you a question
Biodiesel is what you put to the cars or something like that ....... it is true.......
by Florence see you on Wednesday 15th

Josefina A. PChica said...

Miss Florence,
This is very interesting. I learnt a lot of things know! It is a great idea for nature.
See you

Mariano P said...

Hi Miss Florence

The video was very interesting because i knew alot more about oil eaventhow there were things you sead some things in class and one thing that i lernd was that there were alot of tipes of oils that i did not know

Tomas S said...

Miss Florence:

It was very intresting the video but fierst I had a problem to understand the person that was talking because he use a very complicated vocabulary and he talks very fast so I had to see the parts that I didn´t understuned again. But well at the end I could understunded and I enjoyied it

Pedro B Olivos said...

Miss Florence sorry that i will give you this tomorrow . I wasen't able to find it because i was looking in the siencias naturales - science and today bautista T give me the link and I could do it.


Taken from! Great way to get to know our skies!