Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As you all know, the  Puyehue volcano in Chile erupted suddenly and has caused havoc all over South America! The cinders that have been travelling by the wind to different parts of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil  have closed airports, damaged roofs and caused health problems. I found these pictures in La Nación newspaper here in Argentina which I am sure you will enjoy. Here they go! Click on the link and stare at 13 pictures in awe!


Ernestina P. said...

Miss Florence
The pictures call a lot my attention! thank you for showing this picture to us, they are fantastic!!!!
See you tomorrow!

Agus T olivos said...

Miss Florence
Woww, amazing pictures, they don't look real!! In fact they look as if they had been made by computer! Today at the morning I saw a video of the cinders flying with the wind and they could be perfectly seen, they looked like snow!
I think that all this of the volcano are no news now, because everybody is informed. Today, in the trip to Punta Chica, I could see all the cars roofs covered with cinders, and when I got there I could see like a kind of fog, that was really cinders, (I imagine)!How much do they have travelled with the wind, passing through 3 countries!!!
All this of the nature phenomenas.... Incredible!!
See you tomorrow!!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
this are amazing pictures.I like them I think that they are wonderful,I loved them!
See you tomorrow!
Clara G

Hugo P said...

Miss Florence
These photos are amazing. They are great. I at first thought that they were not real.

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence,
These pictures of the volcanoes are incredible!! When I saw the first one, I thought it was not real. It has a lot of smoke coming out in large quantities. In the picture of the helicopter, the only thing you could see where the clouds of smoke surrounding the helicopter. Its so black and when we went to see the car and took some of the dust, you could see it was tiny pieces of rock, so all that smoke in the air also has rocks. I would evacuate as much people as I could because the smoke causes a lot of health problems when we breath it.
See you on Monday!!

tomas .G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I was realy amazed with those pictures!!!
The pictures that showed that place all coverd with ashes, they needed trucks to get all the streets without ashes.
And the fotos of the volcano erupting with lightning all arount it!!!!
See you tomorow!!!

gaborg said...

hi Florence
These photographs are amaizing.they are also very weird because in some photos the volcanic ash is all red and in some it is white and grey. It is incredible.

Sofi g said...

Miss Florence the picture were amazing and my grandfather was in USA and he had to come here and he couldn´t so he had to sleep on a hotel and wait for 3 days until he could come here again.
See you tomorrow!!!!

Roxie W. said...

Miss Florence,
Wow!!! When I saw the pictures it looked scary! I was facinated when we looked through the microscope! That was very cool! I told every one in my family about our experiment that we did with the volcanic ash. They liked the idea. I wonder how far the volcanic ash will go? It has already traveled very far! Where do you think that it will go? Do you know? I feel bad for all of the people that were going on trips from here to somewhere else because the Ezeiza airport closed for a while but I think that now it is open.
See you on Wednesday with my Homework!

matias ta pchica said...

Miss Florence
WOWW it´s amazing I coudn´t belive it. You today when I went by car to my house and saw the sky I think I ahes because there was a big circle in the sky and all around it like clouds. That photos is incredible

Clara V said...

Hello Miss Florence
What amazing pictures i can not belive them it is incredible the cinders have traveled from Chile to Brazil Uruguay and all Argentina because of the wind. The part of the picture that most shocked me was the thunders and oviously the lava. It is also unbeliveble the amount of cinders that are in Barilohce. If you think about it is the 4º natural catastofry that happenes in 2011: 1º Chile's earth cuake 2º Japon's earth cuke and tsunami 3º USA`s tornatio and 4º Chile`s and Argentina`s volcano in eruption.
See you Clara V 6A

Manu T said...

Miss Florence:
WOW these photos are fascinating!
I`m shoked! I didn`t know that when the volcano was erupted the smoke was red and a tree was on fire!!
Thanks for the photos.

Eugenia.F said...

Miss Florence,
What great pictures!! How Ernestina said it call a lot of attention!!! What amazing picture the first one!! How the sky was!!! Thank you for showing this pictures!!

vicky.b olivos said...

cooll the pictures are fantastic"!!!!
I love them!!!
have a nice week

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