Friday, June 17, 2011


This is a video from the "How Stuff Works" site (excellent place to find all sorts of information!) and it explains how your lockers are made.



Eugenia.F said...

Hi Miss Florence,
WOW cool!!! I thought making lockers were diffrent made!!! How funny the part of the showeer that I really didnt thought it it was like that really I haved never thought it!! Thank you for showing us this video it was really good!! :)!!
See us,

Miss Florence said...

Hi Euge! I´m glad you liked it...

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I really didn´t imagen that the lockers were made like that!I really liked the video.I love the videos that you show us in the blog because you go teching us new thing s that we or some of us didn´t knew before or didn´t imagen that it was going to be like that.Thank you for showing us this video!
See you on Wensday!
Clara G

Miss Florence said...

Hi Clara!
I´m glad you like them! Actually, so do I... See you Wednesday!

Hugo P said...

Miss Florence,
I thought this video was very cool. I had never thought about how they made lockers. But these lockers are different to ours. So ares must be made in a slightly different way.

Agus T said...

Hi Miss Florence!
Amazing! I had never wondered how lockers were made! Although, as Hugo said our lockers are different, but I remember that the seventh graders had told me that the lockers were different last year, they had no divisions as they have now in Olivos, and this year they had changed them and put two divisions.
Half a year has just past and with this blogs I ve learnt a lot!! You may have seen I say this in a lot of comments as well as I have said in Language because it s really impressive how can we learn by watching this videos, but not only about science, also about other interesting things!
See you, and continue posting videos!
Agus T 6A Olivos

Manu T said...

Miss Florence:
WOW! I never knew how the lockers were made. The lockers was one of the multiple things I never knew how the are made. Great video!

See you tommorow
Manu T

Tomas S said...

Miss Florence:

This video showed me allot of things that a thougth they were diferent, I learnt allot thank you for the video it was fun!!!!!

See you tommorow!!!!!

Camille.c said...

Hello Florence
I really enjoy de video because I didn't knew with what was made de lockers it was realy imprsionant I realy enjoit a LOT thank you for this viedeo
I see you

Micaela B. (pch) said...

Hi florence,
I really ingoy this video because I cant believe it I thought is was totaly different how lockers were made by when I saw this video I was really surprise. I engoyed the part of the showers because is seems as the locker is in a car wash. I really liked it thank you for sharing this video with us it was excellent!!!
see you next class,
Mica B

guada and alejo p chica said...

we engoy it a lot because we never could imagine lockers were made like that very good video

Tobias A. PCHICA said...


i liked and enjoyed a lot this video and i never thought there were made like this! i loved the part of the shower.thank you for putting fun videos.
see you,

anita said...

I had never wondered how lockers were made! i thought making lokers were made on a difrente way


Anonymous said...

it is so impresionanch!
i love ich it is so complicached, i lave ichh.
sipley LAVE ICH!

oliiiiii said...

O.M.G. (OH MY GOD) ittt is inpresionantt!!! neverrr thogt it locers where madee like that I LOVEE THIS BIDEO!!!!

mica f punta chica said...

It is really wowing!
I never thought about how they were made.
I love it!

Mica F

oliiiiii said...

sory for the spelling mistakes

clara c said...

Hi miss Florence
I enjoyed this video a lot. I didn't imagine that the lockers were made like that. It liked it vey much!!! I didn't know that gym lockers have more vents than hallway lockers. It was excellent!
clara c

Tizi D PChica said...

I liked the video very much! I never imagined that such big and different machines made the lockers that seem so common for us.

Clara V olivos said...

Hello Miss Florence
what a grat video I did not knew how lockers were made and how they were made. Know that I know hos is it made I realize that the lockers so as to be lockers take lots of steps and I did not knew that they could not burn it is incredible all the things that you can learn watching a simple video of only 3 minutes.
See you Clara V olivos 6A

Lourdes I said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I think that it is really AMAZING because i had any idea of how lockers were made! I think that it is really cool to post this for us to know how are our lockeres made!
KEEP ON POSTING! see you on monday!
Lourdes I

Mora.F pchica said...

Hello! Miss Florence:
It is a very good video, I never thought lockers were made like that. It is really incredible.
I like the videos that they are in the blog because you go teaching us new things!
See you tomorrow

Candela.L.S said...

Hi miss Florance I really did not know how lockers were made y really impresd me.I love your videos because there are very interesting and we learn a lot! Thank you for doing this web poage it really interesting.
see youu.

juli t. said...

hi florence, what interesting video. I never could imagen that lockers were made like that!such big machine...
see you

Alex L said...

Its a very intresting! I never thougt the lockers are msde like that.

Pedro B Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence,
This Video its very intresting and i feel that i have all ready seen it , its very interesting and i have learnt quite things.

Josefina A. Phica said...

I thought lockers were different!
The shower is a funny part.
I liked this video a lot adn it is very educational, THANK YOU
See you

SofĂ­a V said...

Hi Miss Florence
I loved the video. I would have never imagined lockers were made like that. I thought it was much simpler. Thank you for posting it.

Chloe M. Pchica said...

I really enjoyed watching this video!
It really interesed me. I didnt knew that lockers were like that.

Vicky H said...

Hi Miss Florence,
the video was osome!
I never tohught the lokers were made such funny way!!
it would be fun to have such cool lockers here at school.
thank you told us the scientific words and methods i could anderstand it.
i wonder what would hppen if you didn't explaind all that
see you tomorow,

Oli L said...

Hi Miss Florence
This video impresed me alot. I never thought lockers were made that way.
It is very funny how lockers are made. I enjoyed a lot this video. I realy like the videos you put on the blog.
Oli L

Mara M pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I thought making lockers was in a different way. Very funny the part of the showeer. I can´t belive they cut so thin the metal.
Incredibly amazing.
See you ;)

Nico.c P chica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
Incredible!How can a piece of metal transforms into a locker.There were lots of machines and lots of procedures.It is so quik but complicated.
See you.

marcos estrada said...

incredible i never thought it would be so much work just for a locker

Marcos.M pchica said...

Its incredible how much steps you have to do to do a locker. Nad also all the mashinse

Ariana G. said...

Hi Miss Florence,
this video was so cool!!! I never imagined they made lockers like that.I learnt that they use steel that is fire proof and can last 50 years. Also, they use a heavy metal to push down on the steel door to put on the handle or pad locks and also at the top so the air can come through. Then they shower the lockers and the lockers pass through the spray to paint them.
See you tomorrow!!

vicky.b olivos said...

Hi miss florence
until know this video is the one i most liked it is amasing. I have always asked me how were they made and of what matirials, now i know everything!!!

Teo V said...

Miss Florence
This video is very cool, I didn't know it was made coal and steel. It is very interesting how they cut them, and them when they shouwer them. Very interesting video, thank you for puting video and letting us know more things!
Teo V


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