Saturday, October 29, 2011


Please click on the image... A colleague sent me this... I tried it and it is truly amazing! For those inquisitive minds, you can find out what number you are in the World Population, in Argentina`s population, plus some other interesting facts!


Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I have entered into the site but it would not let me type to see what number I am in the world.But I will try it again today.This site that you have shown us is really amazing because there are so many interesting things witch you can find out.I hope that you can put other amazing sites like this one.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

Sofia V. pchica said...

Hello Miss Florence
I tried entering the site but it didn't let me put my date of birth. I'm intrigued with finding out what number I was. The year I was born there was about 6.200.003 people in the world!
Thank you for posting

Teo V Olivos said...

Hello Miss Florence I did it and it said i was the 6,039,166,540th person in the world aproximately, and 81,570,237,075th people were born up to now aprox. It also says that the place with more people born a day is Qatar with 514 people born a day and the place with more deaths is Moldova that 106 people per day die. Every hour, there are:
79 Births 35 Deaths -5 Immigrants! The place with the biggest average of age is in Japan, 82,7 years aprox. and the place with less age is Central African Republic. It also told me at the end that 1,043 people were born while I was doing the survey. It is a great survey , I sure that the people who did this are very intelligent and smart.
Teo V Olivos

Matias To said...

Hi florence
This survey was amazing
while i was doing it 638 people were born!!!
When you were born,I was the:
6,107,748,388th person alive in the earth
and i have a question why do women live more than men?
Matias To

Vicky H. Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
I did this tipe of servey and it was realy impresive how they could calculat all that information about you and the world in such a time. When the site gave mi the resolt i was suprised by the amount of people thet lived and are living in the world . I like it so much i told all my fammily to do it and they also got impresed.
see you in class!

Mara M. pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I entered into the site it's very intresting, the results to.
At the end it says 275 people were born while you were doing the survey.
It's impresive how they calculate all that in such a short time. They need the information of all the world!!!
See You!

Tobias.A 6b pchica said...

this site is very good! it told me that in argentina the male population have a 71 years average of life and women 79%! And also at the end of the survey it said, while you were on this site 669 people were born

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