Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paddle Ball and Forces!

 What slow motion shows us is truly amazing! See how the ball changes shape in this simple video... And enjoy this amazing paddle ball player!


tobiasp phica said...


i've seen that program of time trap lots of times but i never saw THAT.

its just awosome

Matías Td Pchica said...

Wow i love that program it's always amazing like this time

Sofia V. Pchica said...

Hi miss Florence
I've never seen that program but it seems amazing. Slow motion can show us so many interesting things. The man in this video was a genious playing Paddle Ball.
See you in class

Nicolas K Pchica said...

I had seen that program and that episode. It is amazing how the ball changes shape

Nico.C Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
It was incredible how the ball changes shape.

Nico.C Pchica said...

Ive seen that program it shows very interesting things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Florence

I had never seen that it is amazing and and when the ball hits the padlle it turns into a semi circule it´s realy cool


santos B. Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence

I had never seen that it is amazing and and when the ball hits the padlle it turns into a semi circule it´s realy cool


tobiaas.s said...

Hi Miss Florence that video was amazing i had never saw something like that ( he has a lot of practice).
When the ball hits the padle is changes shape thats amazing.
See you tomorrow.
Tobi s

Anonymous said...

had never seen

Miss Florence said...

Great Job! Well done to everyone!!! thank you,

Miss Florence said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Camille.S said...

Hi miss Florence
I so that program one time and is ipresive but that was ameising I never so that
I see you

Agustin Seoane Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
Ive never seen or heard of that program but it looks amazing. Its incredible how the ball changes shapes!

Cata K pchica said...

Hi Florence!
He is a genious
See you today

Josefina A. PChica said...

Hiu Miss Florence
I will start to see that program because it is great! Slow motion is very educational.

matias to Pchica said...

Hi mis Florence:
Wow that guy is amazing i cant believe if i try i couldnt do anything

Marcos.estrada pchica said...

This guy is a genious how dos he do all those tricks you know I never could do that

Alex L pchica said...

This man is awsome with the paddles and in slow motion is much better.He is incredible with two paddles
Im not going to do that in my life

Madeleine Pchica said...

It is awsome the tricks that this man doas, when it´s in slow motion the ball is impresive when it changes shape.
See you.

Clara C. Punta Chica said...

Hi Florence
I`ve never seen that program but i think it is very good! The man is a genius.I`ve played several times Paddle Ball but I never hit the ball for a lot of time. It is incredible when the ball hits the padlle and turn into a semi circule it´s realy good. I really enjoyed the video.

Mara Pchica said...

Hi Florence,
I love this video. The men plays very well he is a jenious. When it´s in slow motion it´s awesome how the ball changes shape.
See you

Oli L.,Chlowi M. and Vicky H. pchica said...

Hi florence
of all the videos you poblished , this one was the best, we loved it.
continue poblishing more fun and interesting videos!!

Tizi D PChica said...

This man is a genius! How can he do that? As he said, I never met someone who could do that! He can do so much awesome things, and with the slow motion camera it´s even more increadible. It is very funny to see how the ball turns to a kind of semicircle when hitting the paddle!

andy e said...

Wow. It is incredible the way they capture the image. I is very nice if we realte this to forces. As we study forces can change shape, speed or direction.

Tobias Allende 6B said...

that program is very good i saw it some times, its amazing how the ball turns into a semicircle!

felipe.k said...

this program is really good i like like how the ball changes of shape and, and the person playing the the paddle is really good.

Agus T olivos said...

I see that what you have told us is true!!
It´s true that, for example when you kick a soccer ball, the object, or the ball in this case, can change shape, direction and speed.
See you!
Agus T 6A Olivos

simon.a pchica said...

Hi miss florance
that was soooooooo awsome!!!!!
I have already seen this program in nat geo or animal planet, but I never saw this one of the paddle ball.
I love it!!
Ones I saw a glass breaking in slow motion!!
see you tomorrow
bye bye


Matias.P.I pchica said...

it was amazing how the ball bounced in the racket in slow motion

Benja D. Pchica said...

Hello miss Florance
i´ve never seen such a good padlle player.The ball changes shapes in an incredible way.
see you at school.
Benja pchica

julitiscornia p chica said...

Hi Florence, I never seen that program,but it seems fantastic, i am going to start watching it. It was very intresting how the ball changes of shape!

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I have seen the video and it is amazing!
It is incredible how you can see the paddle ball change shape in slow motion.I have never seen this program before but it seems incredible.I have seen the man playing paddle ball and he is great.I hope that you can but another video with this program in another post.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

joaquin c said...

florence very good video, you don´t realize that the ball will change shape in onley 1 touch.

Teo V Olivos said...

Hi miss florence!
It is amazing how the ball changes its shape, I have never seen this kind of slow motion programs, they are great!

Marcos L said...

It is very cool when they show you how the ball bounces against the paddle.

Anonymous said...

wow he is very good facu l pchica

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