Monday, October 31, 2011


OK... If you thought you had seen everything... Check this video!!!! Truly incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Teo V Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence, this video is a very interesting and a part of it funny because It shows you the world's population with glasses and liquids, and it is very well done! With greater medicine, less death so more people live, that is why we are 7 billion people in the world. It is true that some day we will stay with no place because people will have babies all the time so the population will go up and up. Awesome video, I will show it to my family!
Teo V Olivos

juana otaƱo said...

Wow!! I never new that in 200 years were bornt so many people!!!! This video is very funny because of the cups and the drops falling, it is a very cool way of learning, :)

see you tomorrow!!

Nicolas K Pchica said...

in the world now you can see that more people are born than what people die. I don't think the world will keep growing like this but the video was really good

luca m pchica said...

it's amazing Iloved the tubes with the drops and everything of it.


Sofia V. Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I liked the way of showing the population with glasses and it helped me to understand the video. I didn't know the population grew so quickly. I suppose that if it goes on this way many people won't have a place to live in. It was an amazing video.
Sofi V.

Matias To said...

Hi florence
This video is amazing
we are 7 billion people befor ther were o.3 billion
I showed it to my family they were impressed
Matias To pchica

Agustin S Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence
This video is very interesting to see because it tells how the population had very few amount of people and now the population is growing and growing. Also its incredible the amount of people that didnt have medicine were dying but now thanks god we have a lot more of population but when the population was increasing and increasing its true that we wont have space to live well, no food, wars of sparklin water etc. And also ive been watching how the deaths in India had a great amount of difference than in other places

Matias Tahta Pchica said...

hi miss florence, this video tells thing I would take lots of time to discover.It is also so interesting I really would never bealive that 1000 years ago the world had only 0.3 billon people and now 7 billon people. The onces that made this video are so inteligent, I would never interpret the people in the world with glass and different liquids. It really amazing bye see you in class
Matias Tahta Pchica.

candela LS pchica said...

Hellow florence
i liked a lot this video I didnt know there were born soy many people now there is a lot of more population because people are having more babys and we have much more food and medicines

anita punta chica said...

Hello Florence!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great video, it was very interesting and i loved it.
It was very good how it shows us the worlds population with glasses and liquid.
bye byeee

Mora.F Pchica said...

Heello Miss Florence!
great videooo I liked it a lot! Verry interesting. if there are more medicins people live more time, so that is why there are 7 billion people. I enjoyed it very much.
see you mora

santos B. Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
I never thought there was a lot of people living and I also never saw the drops it is great

Pedro B Olivos said...

This video is very interesting, i like it a lot , It is a very good video. I am surpriced.

ern said...

Miss Florence,
the video was fantastic I love it! The part I like most was the part of the tubes with the drops!
See you on Monday!
Have a great weekend!
Ernestina P.

Clara G said...

Hi Miss Florence
I have seen the video.I think that it is very intresting.It is incredible that it shows you the amout of poplulation around the world.I hope that you can put more videos like this ones in the blog so that we can watch more incredible things that we did not even think about that.
See you on Monday!
Clara G

andy e said...

Oh I never thought the world was big. This is a very good video. I like the fact I lernt about were I am living and the way it explained all.
see you

Madeleine I Pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
This video is amazing. I couldn´t imagine that in 200 years so many people could be born. I liked the way they explained the video with liquids , it helped me understand the video.Very interesting.
Madeleine I

Mara M. pchica said...

Hi Miss Florence,
You are right that the video is intresting. I liked the way of showing the population with glasses. I didn't knew that the population grew so quickly. Perhaps if the amount of population keeps growing so much some people won't have space to live in. I couldn't believe that 1000 years ago the world had only 0.3 billon people and now 7 billon people.
See you!

Tobias Allende 6b pchica said...

hi miss florence
this video is very good! i didnt know so many people were born rather than people die!

Tobias.S said...

Hi Florence
I am very impresed i cant believe how in two hundred years the population growed so much. The video was very good.
See you on Wednesday.

Oli L Pchica said...

Hi Florence,

This video is so amazing. I think it is an excellent way to show the amount of population by using glasses. I couldn't believe that 1000 years ago the world had only 0.3 billon people and now 7 billon people. I didn´t know that in 200 years so many people could be born.
See you next class!

Eugenia.F Olivos said...

Hi Miss Ale,
WOW!! How amazing!! When looking this video I was like, wow i never thought about this. What he said it was true if we can make a change there are less deaths but still babys are born so the amount of people raises up. What I most like of your videos are that in the most you can reflect!! Your videos are amazing, thank you for sharing them.
See you,

Bianca F Olivos said...

Hi Miss Florence
This video is great. I understood everything. I really liked how they explained with the drops and the glasses. I think it is a very good way of learning!!

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